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“Where government fails” — as in dealing with public demands for freer access to natural foods like raw milk

Some insights from Bruce on the Bruce, stating what you might imagine would now be obvious to many people who’ve been following this saga:

“It is we that have to pick up the ball and run with it!

In this country we are regulated to death with a myriad of Simple serpents,spending our tax dollars justifying their existence.

Take for example the whole Raw Milk issue that Michael Schmidt is fighting. The fact of the matter is that people are drinking raw milk.  The health authorities charge people for selling and in Alberta for producing the product. Of course Schmidt has wrestled with them for 15 to 20 years and beat them, and they in turn appeal the decision. There is value for you tax dollars! Continue reading


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Does the Crown’s appeal of the Michael Schmidt case make the Charter a joke

The following are excerpts from a recent post on the Bruce on the Bruce blog:


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Michael Schmidt “The Pope of Hope”?

This is excerpted from a recent post from “Bruce on the Bruce” blog titled “Michael Schmidt THE POPE OF HOPE”:

Above: Michael Schmidt emerges from court with a not-guilty verdict in January 2010. The acquittal gave fresh hope to many of the people who had been following the story since the raid in 2006.

Michael Schmidt: “I do understand politics and I have no illusion about today’s politics when it comes to protecting fundamental liberties.

My road to politics was triggered by events connected to basic food rights. Our farm here in Grey County provided essential services to people with ailments. Since 1983 we provided food grown in a certain way, which according to our customer statements helped them to get healthier. Continue reading

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“A lot of folks believe that raw milk is bad and big brother should ban it and anyone drinking it, processing it or daring to say anything good about it….”

That’s how Bruce of “Bruce on the Bruce” blog opens his post titled “The Milkman’s being milked and we are being suckered!”. Here’s more from that:

Michael Schmidt picture via "Bruce on the Bruce"

“…Put them in Chains , is the battle cry of our protectors and those who do all for the common good!

A lot of folks think the attack by big brother against Michael Schmidt is about Raw Milk well guess again!

The truth of the matter is that Mr. Schmidt’s quest is all about your right to choose, its about freedom of choice, its about property rights its about your right to contract,  its about your right to decide what you can feed your self and or your children, ITS ABOUT THE RIGHT TO MAKE A LIVING! Continue reading

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