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Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the Fuller brush and the geodesic dome, had plans for tracking food products

From Justice Critic Gordon S. Watson:

Back in the late 60s, I had the privilege of seeing Buckminster Fuller speak at Simon Fraser University and UBC. One of the best thinkers of modern times, his main theme was that mankind is endlessly creative, therefore technology would ‘save’ us. I don’t believe that any more, but I am confident the solution to the controversy over dairying to obtain raw milk, safely, is available right now

Here’s the link to something I predicted about a decade ago …  a system for tracking an item of food, from producer to plate.  With a couple of tweaks, this software can be applied to every single jar of REAL MILK coming out of the milk room, from an artisanal dairy :  https://thisfish.info/about/what/

Trace-ability?  I’ll give you trace-ability ….  any given jar can be tracked back to the very cow “who” produced it, at which milking,  on what day of the week!  …  let’s see you do that, BC Dairy Producers … with your 1000s of cows on the 546 dairy farms in British Columbia, mingling all their truckloads of milk into the pipelines of two processors, then that “homo milk” sitting on 1000s of retail shelves for 30 days!! Continue reading


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