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DATCP wreaking yet more havoc?

In a comment on an earlier post, Inalienable Wrights wonders whether the widespread use of fracking is not more about destroying the countryside and rendering it unfit for habitation than it is about accessing buried natural gas. And one might well wonder the same about the predations of regulatory agencies like Wisconsin’s DATCP. Are they really more about destroying the rural economy than protecting anyone’s health or well-being? 

From David E. Gumpert, on The Complete Patient blog:

“Last February, a Wisconsin judge imposed a temporary injunction prohibiting Arlin Bender from slaughtering cattle and pigs on behalf of neighboring farmers, at the request of the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). In July, the judge followed up by  extending the injunction for a year.

At a hearing on Monday, the judge will hear arguments that his orders have been a serious violation of Wisconsin law. Continue reading

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Tijssen to sue for malicious prosecution

From Tony Spears, in the Ottawa Sun:

Click image to go to a page where you can watch the video. Image from Ottawa Sun.

“Home butcher Mark Tijssen’s “persecution by prosecution” ended Tuesday to the applause of supporters and to deafening silence from the province.

The next time he’s in the courthouse, Tijssen vowed to be on the offensive.

“There is going to be a tort for malicious prosecution,” he said. Continue reading


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