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Raw milk fans in Maryland have had to go “underground” to get their raw milk

From Allison Bourg on Hometown Annapolis.com

Suzy Provine of Millersville is an advocate for legalizing the sale of raw milk in Maryland. As a member of private buying club Grassfed on the Hill, she has raw milk shipped from a farm in Pennsylvania to her flower shop, where other Grassfed members pick it up once a week. Photo by Allison Bourg, The Capital

When the truck carrying the goods pulls up to Suzy Provine’s flower shop in Millersville, as many as a hundred people may show up to get their fix.

They’ll snatch up their share of the contraband and take it back to their homes, where they are free to consume it in peace.

The illicit substance in question?

Raw milk.

The members of Grassfed on the Hill – a private club for Marylanders who want to purchase unpasteurized milk – pay $6 per gallon for the milk, shipped directly from an Amish-run farm in Lancaster County, Pa. Some tout the health benefits of drinking natural milk. Others like the idea of knowing exactly where their milk is coming from.

Whatever their reasoning, they’re a devoted bunch of consumers. They just wish they could buy their milk at local farms. Continue reading


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Raw milk buying club fans fight back against recent ban in Massachusetts

The controversial attempt to shut down raw milk buying clubs in Massachusetts is making news, as in this story by Dan Ring, from The Republican. Here’s an excerpt:

Republican file photo / Dave Roback | Scott J. Soares, commissioner of the Department of Agricultural Resources, right, talks to Hadley farmers Michael W. Doctor, left and Raymond R. Rex of the Four Rex Farm.

BOSTON – When Blanche Lennington last year started a small club to purchase raw milk directly from farmers, she figured it would be a good way to share her passion for the product and support local dairy farmers.

The club thrived – until it was suddenly shut down this year by the state.

The state Department of Agricultural Resources is banning Lennington, a Becket grandmother, and other consumers from purchasing nonpasteurized milk from a farm and then distributing the milk to fellow club members. Continue reading


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