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Michigan wants to kill outdoor pigs but is Canada any better? Rally Monday April 2 to protest CFIA’s extermination order on rare Shropshire sheep herd

Canadian farmer Montana Jones with one of her rare Shropshire sheep which the CFIA wants to kill.

You’ve no doubt read the stories in recent days about how Michigan’s Natural Resources Department has mysteriously concluded that most if not all of the free range (non CAFO) pigs in the state are an “invasive species” and therefore need to be shot, killed and disposed of. Meanwhile the Michigan Pork Producers  are endorsing the move, as the competition to their CAFO-raised pork is about to be eliminated.

Perhaps they’re tired of hearing about how more people prefer meat that’s raised the old fashioned local and organic way. But when all the other options are conveniently gone, people are just going to have to settle for what they can get and shut up about it.

No doubt you’re thinking that this is some sort of abuse of government power by private interests that’s going on down in the states. And maybe you’d be right about that. But we may have our own peculiar problems with regulatory overreach up here in Canada as well. Remember the story from December 2011 about Montana Jones’ herd of Shropshire sheep that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency was proposing to kill, and for what seemed like no good reason.  Continue reading


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Factory farming and sewage sludge use on farmland blamed for death of lakes

Who says investigative journalism is dead? This report by David Michael, from Augie’s Journal of Natural Food and Healing shows that concerned individuals are still out there, digging the dirt on matters of public concern. Here’s an excerpt from David’s report:

“Human illnesses and animal deaths have occurred recently from neurotoxins secreted by a heavy slime of blue and green algae floating on Ohio’s largest lake—Grand Lake St. Mary’s (Grand Lake) in Auglaize County. This is a lake that has been deteriorat ing for decades, but especially so in the past 10 years as factory farms have sprung up all over the area, and more are being built. Continue reading


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Does “free range” labeling make organic farming look bad? — is that an accident?

Judith McGeary, Esq., Founding Board of Director Member, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and President, Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance takes a closer look at the research sited in this Atlantic Monthly May 2010 Article.

Is Free-Range Meat Making Us Sick? by James McWilliams

The author, James McWilliams tries to claim that sustainably raised foods are “making people sick,” but the studies he cites show no such thing.

While McWilliams portrays “free range” as the alternative to factory farms or CAFOs, this is simply wrong.  Under U.S. law, “free range” means only that the animals are given “access to the outdoors.”  http://www.fsis.usda.gov/FactSheets/Meat_&_Poultry_Labeling_Terms/index.asp

While some small sustainable farms use the term, “free range” operations are often still factory farms, in which thousands of chickens or hogs are housed in a large building with a door leading to a dry lot with no grass in it.  “Free range” operations often use the same poor-quality feed, antibiotics, vaccines, and hormones as regular CAFOs, contrary to McWilliams’ claim in his concluding paragraph. Continue reading

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