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The party that supports raw milk poised to win in Monday’s Alberta election

A few days ago we ran a story which included an email statement from the Chief Policy Correspondent of Alberta’s Wildrose Alliance party stating that “…We support the right of our dairy producers to sell their product wherever demand exists for it, along with the right of Alberta consumers to purchase unpasturized milk if they so desire…”. Well that’s the party that, judging by the polls, seems poised to form the next Alberta government. Could this be a turning point for raw milk in Canada?

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith gets close to a mother goat during a campaign stop at a family farm near Chestermere, Alta., on Wednesday. Albertans go to the polls on Monday. Photo: JEFF MCINTOSH/THE CANADIAN PRESS

From the Calgary Herald “Wildrose steams past Tories…”:

“Danielle Smith and her Wildrose party are surging even farther ahead of Alison Redford’s Progressive Conservatives on the campaign trail, but the battle is shaping up to create a north-south provincial split, according to a new poll.

The Leger Marketing survey of 986 voters across Alberta, commissioned by the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal, shows Wildrose has steadily increased its support as the campaign has rolled into its second week.

Among decided voters, Wildrose has 41 per cent of support, while the PCs have 34 per cent. The NDP is polling at 12 per cent, the Liberals at 10 per cent and the Alberta Party at two per cent. Continue reading


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Raw milk lovers won’t be cowed

From Kevin Brooker, in the Calgary Herald:

Ontario raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt at last week's "Milk and Cookies" protest at FDA headquarters in Maryland. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Hartke.

“I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve been getting a powerful thirst for a nice, cold glass of farm-fresh milk.

You’re a news reader, though, so you might only know that product by what amounts to a dirty word on the lips of a large class of bureaucrats in Canada and the U.S.: raw milk. Continue reading


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“The Courts Are Milking Their Power for All It’s Worth” — Karen Selick

From Karen Selick, in the Calary Herald, reprinted by permission:

When you had breakfast this morning, did you pour milk on your cereal or in your tea?  Did you give your child a glass of milk? According to a recent decision of the Ontario Court of Justice, you had no right to do that.

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt has been campaigning to legalize the sale of raw (unpasteurized) milk for 17 years.  In 2010, he was acquitted on 19 charges by a justice of the peace who ruled that “cow-sharing” was a legitimate way to provide raw milk to informed consumers who don’t live on farms. Continue reading


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Calgary Herald reader connects the dots on milk and meat regulation in Canada

Chris Spence, writing in the Calgary Herald:

Image titled "cows-raw-milk" via the Badger Catholic, where they had a post on raw milk titled "Milk may be legalized in Wisconsin" but later took it down. Perhaps it didn't have the right imprimatur.

“It is funny how the government bans raw milk because of the dangers of disease borne by it. If you carry that logic forward, then why can we still buy deli meat? How many Canadians have died of listeria borne by deli meat over the last few years? I think it is 20 or more. So to be credible in their banning of raw milk, they must also ban deli meat. Then they should take a look at the pathogens in bulk-processed meat products…..” Continue reading

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“Bring raw milk industry udderly out in the open” — the Calgary Herald

Rob Breakenridge, writing in the Calgary Herald:

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt toasts with a mug of his own raw milk following a media scrum following a court case in Ontario on the legality of raw milk. Photo by: Aaron Lynett, Postmedia News

“How strange, that as Ottawa announced last week new, large and graphic tobacco warning labels, proponents of raw milk were still fighting even to get their product on the market. Continue reading

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Calgary reader on raw milk priority

From the Calgary Herald Letters to the Editor:

“Re: “Raw milk crusader pans Alberta crackdown,” Nov. 9.

I find it interesting that the Herald would give front-page coverage to George Bush promoting his new book, but would relegate the courageous struggle of Michael Schmidt to page four.

Schmidt is fighting so Canadians have the freedom to choose the food they consume. As long as farmers pass food safety inspections, why can we not decide for ourselves where we buy our milk? Raw milk has many health benefits that industrialized milk does not have….” Continue reading


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Consumers need to be safe — safe that is, from excessive government — says CCF lawyer Karen Selick

Here’s a comentary by Karen Selick  which appeared in yesterday’s Calgary Herald. It’s mostly about Bill C-6, which we’ve discussed in previous posts:

Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Karen Selick speaks to reporters about the Province's raw milk appeal at Queen's Park last Tuesday, while farmer Michael Schmidt looks on.

While many Canadians have denounced the recent proroguing of Parliament, there is another sizable contingent who heaved a mighty sigh of relief. Prorogation has resulted in an unexpected, 11th-hour reprieve from a highly controversial piece of legislation: Bill C-6, the proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Continue reading

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