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Improving cow health thru biosecurity?

What, you may wonder, are the government folks up to now. What do they spend their money and time on, when they’re not looking into how to help aspiring raw milk farmers roll out product for a growing niche market? Well, this could be part of the answer. After all, why should airports and the Olympics get all of our security dollars. Obviously someone sees a market for security down on the farm. Here’s an excerpt from the story in today’s Toronto Star, by Joanna Smith, of the Star’s Ottawa Bureau:

Greg Cameri and Jenn McEachern of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory working at Biosecurity Level 4, the highest security available. Photo: CSIRO, from Sydney Morning Herald

“OTTAWA–The Canadian Food Inspection Agency hopes to persuade dairy farmers to adopt new standards to protect cows from disease by appealing to their bottom line.

That could mean showing consumers would be willing to pay more for yogurt or milk if it meant having more confidence in the health of the animal it came from. Continue reading

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