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New Zealand farmers to sell raw milk

From the Canadian Raw Milk Consumer Advocacy Group:

“A total of 1685 submissions were received on the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI’s) discussion paper: Proposals for continuing to legally provide for farm gate sales of raw drinking milk (discussion paper). Of these, 1663 were from the general public, two of which were petitions with multiple signatures. A further five submissions were from public health agencies, three were industry-related organisations, ten had identified themselves as farmers, two were interest groups, one was from an academic institution and one was a food safety auditor from a private company.

“The vast majority of submitters (1561) supported the continuation of raw drinking milk sales. The reasons given by submitters for drinking and using raw milk included the superior taste when compared to pasteurised milk, perceived health benefits, a desire to purchase an organic and natural product and the ability to support local, small businesses. Continue reading


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