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Where to find more raw milk news

If you’re looking to keep tabs on what’s going down in the world of raw milk, you need to read more than just The Bovine, where we try to focus on the Canadian scene, and in particular, the Michael Schmidt story.

Probably the world’s best source for up to minute breaking news and commentary on raw milk developments in America has got to be David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog. In case you missed it, David has written the book on raw milk. Well, one of them at least. Probably the most recent book, and perhaps the only book on raw milk that addresses the food rights, as well as the health issues involved. It’s called “The Raw Milk Revolution“. Before he got involved with raw milk, David was a business writer. David’s Jewish background has sensitized him to the early warning signs of tyranny. Here’s an excellent example, from David’s latest post: Continue reading

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