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Carlsbad Springs man says apology is not enough after Ontario drops illegal slaughterhouse charges


Mark Tijssen, a major in the Canadian Forces, stands in front of a meat smoker in November, 2009, containing the remains of a pig. Two years later, Crown prosecutors are dropping charges of operating an illegal slaughterhouse and distributing uninspected meat against him. Photograph by: David Gonczol, The Ottawa Citizen

“OTTAWA — A Carlsbad Springs man will be seeking financial compensation from the Ontario government for what he says is a two-year “malicious prosecution” after he and a member of his church jointly bought and slaughtered a pig in 2009.

On Tuesday, Crown prosecutors will be dropping charges of operating an illegal slaughterhouse and distributing uninspected meat against Mark Tijssen, a major in the Canadian Forces. Continue reading


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Much ado about 40 lbs of pig meat

Received today from raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

The Show Goes On………….and On

The seemingly never-ending saga of Regina vs Mark Tijssen for sharing home-slaughtered pork with a friend moves into a new phase on Friday February 18 at 3pm. A Judicial Pre-Trial will be held in Courtroom # 8 of Ottawa’s Elgin Street courthouse in front of Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice Lise Maisonneuve. The outcome is expected be a trial date for Tijssen. Continue reading


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Pig-sharing amateur butcher of Carlsbad Springs, Mark Tijssen, featured in Macleans magazine

Macleans magazine has picked up the story of the Ottawa-area man who was charged by the Ministry of Natural Resources for slaughtering a pig and sharing it with his friend. From the story by Tom Henheffer, Dec. 16, 2010:

As it appears on the Macleans website

Four squad cars squealed into Mark Tijssen’s yard with their lights blazing, just after dark on a cold November night last year. Tijssen, who was having dinner with his nine-year-old son at the time, politely showed the officers around his Ottawa property before being charged with several crimes under the Ontario Food Quality and Safety Act (OFQSA), including killing uninspected animals and distributing meat without a licence. It was all because he had slaughtered a pig and given a friend some of the meat. “I didn’t set out to be an activist or a revolutionary—I grew up on a farm,” says Tijssen, 48, a Canadian Forces major. “There was no need for this.” Continue reading

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Mark Tijssen back in court over killing a pig at home and sharing the meat

From the Canada Free Press, credited to the Ontario Landowners Association:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt with home butcher Mark Tijssen. Photo from earlier this year.

“On Tuesday November 23, 2010 at 1:30 PM, Mark Tijssen will be back in an Ottawa courtroom at Provincial Court of Justice, 100 Constellation Crescent in Ottawa accompanied again by Michael Schmidt.  Tijssen is the Carlsbad Springs man charged with four counts under the Ontario Food Safety and Quality Act for slaughtering a pig and sharing the meat with a friend in November of 2009.  Schmidt is the Durham, Ontario dairy farmer, famous for having defeated 19 counts relating to the sale of raw milk last January.  The common goals of food choice and freedom from oppressive laws that limit that choice have brought these two men together.  Both are members of the Ontario Landowners Association which has a history of defending fundamental and property rights. Continue reading

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Soldier fights fine for sharing pig

The following story, titled “Defending our Constitutional right to freedom of choice — MNR undercover sting operation: sharing of a single home-slaughtered pig” is from Canada Free Press and is credited to the Ontario Landowners:

Michael Schmidt helped Mark Tijssen with his defense July 8th, on charges relating to sharing a pig.

“The Carlsbad Springs MNR meat scandal goes back to court; this time with help from recently acquitted dairy farmer Michael Schmidt of Grey-Bruce. Mark Tijssen will be appearing at 13:30 on July 8th at the courthouse at 100 Constellation Crescent in Ottawa’s west end. Tijssen is facing four charges stemming from a lengthy undercover sting operation in November 2009 relating to the sharing of a single home-slaughtered pig. Continue reading


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