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Windsor utilities commission votes to stop adding fluoride to the city’s water

From CBC News Windsor:

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“The much debated fluoride issue is now on the collective lap of Windsor’s city councillors.

After two hours spent listening to 11 delegations Wednesday night, the Windsor Utilities Commission passed a motion recommending the city stop adding fluoride to drinking water.

It suggests any savings be directed to oral health and nutritional education for five years. Continue reading

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Calgary to remove fluoride from the city’s drinking water supply — WOW!

CBC news reports:

“Calgary city council has voted 10-3 to remove fluoride from the city’s drinking water.

Two members of council, Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Brian Pincott, were out of town during Tuesday’s vote.

Earlier in the day, city council considered and rejected by a vote of 8-5 putting the fluoride issue to a plebiscite in the 2013 municipal election.

Council also rejected referring the matter to an expert panel.

The issue has proved a lightning rod for Calgarians, and past plebiscites have revealed public opinion is almost evenly split on the matter. Continue reading


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Listeria recall for B.C. cheese maker

This news is  just in from CBCnews.ca. And although the CBC story doesn’t mention it, our source informs us that this company’s hard cheese are made from raw milk, while their soft cheeses are made from pasteurized milk. Camembert — the type affected by the recall — is a soft cheese — thus made from pasteurized milk.

Moonstruck cheeses, from Salt Spring Island. Photo CBC news

“A warning has been issued about a brand of Camembert cheese made in B.C. that could be contaminated with potentially deadly Listeria bacteria.

The cheese was manufactured on Salt Spring Island by Moonstruck Organic Cheese, the B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) said in a release Monday. Continue reading

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Raw milk battle heats up across the U.S.

Excerpts from a recent post on cbcnews.ca:

Kelsey Kozak, 16, pours fresh raw milk through a stainless steel strainer and funnel as her mother Linda Kozak looks at their family farm near Seattle, Wash. (Ted S. Warren/Associated Press)

“Debate about the health attributes and risks of raw milk is spilling into courtrooms across the U.S. as proponents of unpasteurized dairy products push to make them easier for consumers to buy.

Supporters of the raw-milk cause say pasteurization, the process of heating milk to destroy bacteria and extend shelf life, destroys important nutrients and enzymes. Continue reading


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230 comments on CBCnews.ca story about the Province’s decision to appeal the Michael Schmidt raw milk verdict

CBC news is running the same Candian Press wire-service story that has appeared on lots of other news outlets across the nation. But, since that story first appeared on the CBC news site Saturday morning, more than 200 readers have weighed in with their comments.

Raw milk appeal story is still attracting lots of readers, even as the Olympics open in Vancouver!

Clearly this is a news story that’s just not going away. In fact it is attracting a growing level of public interest, even as it runs in the same “time slot” as the Vancouver Olympics. Now that says something! But before we get to some excerpts from the comments gallery, here are the first few paragraphs of that CBC news / Canadian Press story: Continue reading


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CBC news asks: “What do you think of Schmidt’s legal battle?” (for people’s right to access raw milk via cowshares)

On the CBCnews.ca website, Andree Lau writes:

Michael Schmidt toasts victory with a glass of raw milk outside the Newmarket court Thursday.

“I hate the taste of milk. Every time my parents made me drink it as a kid, I got a stomach ache. They didn’t believe me, thinking I was up to childhood hysterics.

I remember my aunt — in trying to coax me to drink my milk — adding Ribena to my glass, turning it pink. It worked for a day. Continue reading


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