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Google De-lists Natural News website

In an apparent about-face from the long-touted motto of “Don’t be Evil”, Google has started editorializing their search results. Well maybe they started downgrading certain sites or pages much earlier, but the example of “Natural News” seems the most blatent so far. Another instance I’m aware of is that certain pages of the site Rune Soup dealing with Hilary Clinton were downgraded in Google search results, apparently because someone didn’t like the message that was being posted. The site author responded by shifting to a subscription-model newsletter “The All Red Line” for sharing his parapolitical views, so as not to get more pages of his site downgraded in Google search results. Here’s an excerpt of what blogger Jon Rappoport wrote about the Natural News blacklisting:

“As many of you know by now, Google deleted Natural News, owned by Mike Adams, from its listings.

When you type in “Natural News,” you don’t get “naturalnews.com,” you get “natural.news” instead — a different and tiny site also owned by Mike Adams.

Various people have speculated about Google’s reasons. All Google has to do is print an explanation. Where is it? Continue reading

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Is the FDA censoring academic speech about raw milk scientific research?

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“… So what exactly  happened to the raw milk article? The word I have on pretty good sources (I don’t  want  to identify them because this stuff is so sensitive that jobs and  careers could be placed  at risk) is that someone from the FDA (Sheehan?) contacted the CDRF and demanded that the SPLASH raw milk article be removed. The FDA was reportedly especially upset because the SPLASH article asserted that the European research indicates pasteurization may “destroy complex proteins and other components that could bolster human health.”
Indeed, Sheehan testified on just this subject before the Maine legislature in 2011, in connection with a (successful) effort by the FDA to block legislation that would have made it easier for small dairies to sell raw milk directly to customers.

His testimony made clear that the European research on the role of proteins in conferring health benefits, and  their sensitivity to pasteurization couldn’t have been correct. “Pasteurization does not destroy milk proteins,” he claimed. “Caseins, the major family of milk proteins, are largely unaffected by pasteurization. Any changes which might occur with whey proteins are barely perceptible.” Continue reading

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Censored? Is the WAPF’s Sally Fallon too controversial for New Zealanders?

From the Wellington New Zealand chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation Facebook page:

“Sally was booked to do an interview on the Kim Hill show this morning at 11:15am. But we hear Kim Hill pulled the pin at the last moment because she said Sally was “too controversial”

She didn’t actually tell Sally though, she just replaced her with Tony Taylor talking about his new fly fishing book. (Fishing the River of Time)

Could this be censorship?”

First learned of this story from Cryptogon.com, where they wrote:

“If anyone inside Radio NZ (yeah, I see that you’re reading) wants to tell me why Kim Hill pulled the plug on the Sally Fallon Morell interview, I’d be interested in hearing from you.” Continue reading


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Has Twitter gone over to the dark side?

Why else would they have suspended Summer’s “meetwithmichael” account? 


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Farm radio broadcaster who was removed for exposing Monsanto’s methods has died March 12th, 2011

From a recent news release:

Billings, Mont. – R-CALF USA has learned that Derry Brownfield, a longtime supporter and friend of the group, passed away on Saturday, March 12, 2011. Continue reading


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Media is asked to disregard parents’ vaccine stories; children die in China

“Corruption Alleged as Tainted Vaccines kill Chinese children” is the title of the Times Online story excerpted below:

Killer vaccine? Picture from Times Online edition

FOR Wang Mingliang, the birth of a son should have been the start of a season of joy in his village at the rural heart of northern China.

But his little boy, Xiao’er, lived just seven months before he suffered convulsions and a fever, then died. Wang said Xiao’er fell ill after vaccinations against tuberculosis and hepatitis. “My whole family is plunged in sorrow,” he said. Continue reading

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Food poisoning lawyer Bill Marler calls Washington State University’s bluff over Michael Pollan cancellation threat

Here’s an excerpt from the NY Times story by Patricia Cohen:

Controversial author Michael Pollan

Controversial author Michael Pollan

Among the things that Bill Marler feels passionately about are Washington State University (his alma mater), food safety and negotiation. So after he heard about a dustup on campus over the cancellation of a program requiring all freshmen to read the same book — Michael Pollan’s double-fisted examination of agribusiness, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” — he stepped in to resolve it.

This month administrators said budget cuts forced them to suspend this year’s program, but some faculty members and students were skeptical. They suspected that the decision had less to do with money than with pressure from the state’s powerful agribusiness interests.

The nearly uncommon reading.

The nearly "uncommon" reading.

After all, they pointed out, the university had already purchased 4,000 copies of the book (published by Penguin Press), which links the agriculture industry to obesity, food poisoning and environmental damage.

So Mr. Marler, a personal-injury lawyer who has received a Distinguished Alumnus award and served on the university’s Board of Regents for six years, figured that he would find out if money was really the issue by offering to pay the program’s estimated $40,000 shortfall. The result is that the common reading is back on.

Continue reading


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