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Nadine Ijaz’s presentation on raw milk myths and evidence made to the BC Centre for Disease Control now online

From Nadine Ijaz:

Click image above to go directly to Nadine’s BC CDC video presentation.

I am pleased to announce that my May 16, 2013 Grand Rounds presentation at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BC CDC), where I examined scientific evidence around raw milk safety and benefits, has now been posted at BC CDC’s Grand Rounds site: http://www.bccdc.ca/util/about/UBCCDC/GrandRounds/default.htm Continue reading


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Health officials and consumers disagree about raw milk risk/benefit analysis

From the “Life is Fare” blog:

“This just in from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): “Many people believe that foods with minimal or no processing like organic and locally-grown foods are better for their health. But when people choose to drink raw milk, that is milk that has not been pasteurized, the impact on one’s health can be quite severe.”

It’s a timely article from the CDC since I just published a post about making ice cream with raw milk last week. Funny that I’m not sick from it.

This is the great debate: People who choose to drink raw milk argue that cows raised on pasture grass, rather than in pens eating corn, are healthy and pathogen-free, so it’s safe. And, when you pasteurize milk, the heating process actually kills off beneficial bacteria. Continue reading

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