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Three Farmers Face Trial March 6th on Charges of Obstructing Police During a Farm Raid on October 2nd of 2015

March 3 2017—Ontario, Canada— EIN Presswire — A highly anticipated drama will unfold in the Walkerton Courtroom starting Monday, where Glencolton Farms coop owners will re-live the dramatic stand-off at the farm where they source their food. On Monday, March 6, 2017 at Walkerton (County of Bruce) Courthouse in Ontario, 207 Cayley Street, 3 farmers and a colleague face charges of obstructing police officers during a farm raid. The trial is set to begin at 9:30am.

The four men on trial are Michael Schmidt an outspoken activist on food rights who lives on the farm that was raided; Robert Pinnell, farm hand and mechanic; John Schnurr, business consultant; and George Bothwell.

The four men, along with a fifth whose charges have since been dropped, were charged with obstructing a peace officer during a well-publicized raid on Glencolton Farms on October 2nd 2015.

Glencolton Farms has been the center of the Canadian raw milk battle for over 23 years. Glencolton Farms is owned by 150 families who are members in the Our Farm, Our Foods cooperative.

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“Durham Five” charged for actions at October 2 raid at Glencolton Farms

From Kirk Scott on Blackburn News:

Photo of Michael Schmidt, John Schurr and Robert Pinnell is from Blackburn News.

“Four people along with Michael Schmidt have been charged related to the raid on a Durham area raw milk operation last month.

Provincial officials along with police raided a raw milk operation near Durham on October 2nd.

A large crowd of Schmidt supporters showed up and the raid was called off.

Now four men along with Schmidt are charged by West Grey police with obstructing justice.

Schmidt and two of the four others showed up at West Grey Police headquarters this morning for fingerprinting and mug shots.

Schmidt says if police are trying to intimidate his supporters, it’s liable to backfire….”

Read more on Blackburn News.


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Raw milk farmer seeking to save sheep?

From Chris Clark at SouthwesternOntario.ca:

Photo via Southwestern Ontario.ca

“Neither raw milk nor rare sheep make Michael Schmidt sick. Bureaucracy does.

The Durham-area dairy farmer has long been a vocal advocate for raw milk, and has battled tirelessly to legalize the sale of unpasteurized milk. It has taken him in and out of court, through a personal hunger strike, and left him on the radar of the Ontario government.

This month, his outspoken fight for the rights of the farmer has landed him in hot water once again; this time over the disappearance of a flock of rare sheep.

On Aug. 2, police and a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) investigator visited his Glencolton Farm to seize telephone and computer equipment. The raid was in connection with 31 sheep the CFIA claims were illegally removed from a quarantined eastern Ontario farm in April. That farm, operated by Linda “Montana” Jones, was also visited by officials earlier this month….”

Read more at SouthwesternOntario.ca

Subsequent to this story, charges have been laid, and a court appearance is scheduled for January 23, 2013.

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Chicken processor, Maple Lodge Farms, is now facing sixty criminal charges

From The Toronto Star:

“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has laid 60 criminal charges against Brampton-based Maple Lodge Farms, Canada’s largest independent chicken processor, alleging violations of federal animal health regulations.

The CFIA alleges that between December 2008 and February 2009, and then December 2009 and April 2010, thousands of chickens died from exposure to cold conditions during transportation from farm to slaughterhouse, often because of proximity to a truck trailer’s floor or walls.

Two of the counts have been heard in a series of six hearings at the Ontario Court of Justice, in Brampton, which began in September. The hearings continue on Monday. Continue reading


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Grey Bruce Health Unit still mulling what to do about further charges in Michael Schmidt raw milk case

From Tracey Richardson in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

A toast for the Queen, whose family are known drinkers of raw milk at the Owen Sound raw milk rally in October 2011 during which milk was seized by Chris Munn of the Grey Bruce health unit. For more on the earlier story around this incident click on the image above.

“The Grey Bruce Health Unit has yet to decide if it will bring new charges against Durham area dairy farmer Michael Schmidt, but medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn promises the matter will not be dropped.

On Oct. 13, Schmidt allegedly distributed unpasteurized milk at a public rally outside the health unit office in Owen Sound. That followed a September Ontario Court of Justice ruling that upheld several charges against Schmidt, brought by the province in 2006, related to the production and distribution of raw milk.

In November, Schmidt was fined $9,150 and placed on probation for a year. He has publicly declared that he will not pay the fine. Continue reading


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MNR drops charges against Mark Tijssen over backyard pig slaughter

Michael Schmidt, with Mark Tijssen and former Landowner Association president Jack McLaren

Michael Schmidt’s introduction: 

This is an interesting and not really surprising development. Allan Ryan was also there the lawyer arguing on the behalf of the MNR. What is also interesting that in this case no powerful lobby group pushing for punishment at all cost is in the background. Pork is not supply managed. The waste of energy, the waste of time, the waste of resources is appalling to say the least. Continue reading


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Local newspaper reports that “Decision put off in Schmidt raw milk case”

From Don Crosby in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt talks to reporters at the blue bus Tuesday

“Schmidt said it’s a bit frustrating that the court has for a fourth time since July put off releasing the result of an appeal by the provincial attorney general and the Grey Bruce Health Unit on a ruling by Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky.

Kowarsky ruled in January that Schmidt’s cow share program for raw milk consumers did not violate provincial regulations meant to protect the public health. That decision was appealed to a judge in the Ontario Court of Justice.

Meanwhile Schmidt has been named in a contempt of court action in a British Columbia court for continuing to sell raw milk after being ordered to stop. Continue reading

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