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Try this at home — raw milk cheese


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Detroit artisanal cheesemaker chooses to use raw milk for “the health benefits”

Here’s an excerpt from a recent story on the “Model D” blog:

Photo of cheesemaking is from Model D blog

“….Lowell says the very best cheese is made with raw milk. Reilly says that raw milk has more health benefits than pasteurized. He says all the good-for-you bacteria that companies are trying to add back into food — calling them probiotics — are naturally found in raw milk. The debate is played out all over the Internet, and the FDA would likely disagree. Continue reading

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Butter and Ghee and Cheese, oh my! — dairy demystified or “cultural learnings”

Thanks to Gordon Watson for sending this in to The Bovine. It’s from the Vancouver Observer:

Butter and Ghee and Cheese, oh my! Picture from Vancouver Observer

In the beginning, Tomas Hicks, founder of the Urban Ashram, was simply moved by the urge to understand the process of how things are made. He picked up a book, Wild Fermentation, experimented with making yogurt, moved on to Ghee, and from there began creating his own cheese. Once a month, the kitchen of the Urban Ashram and his home is turned into a dairy processing area in order to initiate newbies to the process. Continue reading

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