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Food police go after raw cheese makers — is it an economic war of attrition?

The following is excerpted from a Chelsea Green blog post by David E. Gumpert titled “Food Police Send Message to Raw Milk Cheese Makers: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide; Behind FTCLDF Criticism”:

Danger -- interest in raw dairy is "escalating"!

“Many dairies that would love to sell raw milk have opted instead for the attractive income, and seeming security, of producing raw milk cheeses instead. They figure they can still get the equivalent of $10 to or more a gallon of milk by producing artisinal cheese, and avoid the hassles with regulators so long as they age it 60 days as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. I’m an irregular buyer of a number of these cheeses made from raw cow’s, goat’s, and sheep’s milk, and they’re wonderful. Continue reading


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David Gumpert’s Raw Milk Revolution — Raw Milk or a Dead, White Liquid

This will be an important book for the raw milk movement — coming soon. From the website of David’s publisher, Chelsea Green:

Click on image above to go to Chelsea Green website to watch movie of author David E. Gumpert talk about his new book "The Raw Milk Revolution".

“When health and business journalist David E. Gumpert decided to look beyond the official FDA statement on raw milk and pasteurization, he encountered farmers and producers of nutritional supplements who told a very different story.

“Raw milk is produced a lot differently than conventional milk. I mean, now you just look at these cows here. They are so clean compared to what you’re going to find with cows standing in a feedlot, standing in manure all day.

“Milk is really our first processed food, which is pretty important to keep in mind, because when you heat milk, even for a short time, you kill not only pathogens, but you kill off certain enzymes and certain, what we now know to be beneficial bacteria. So you are changing the composition of the milk. Continue reading

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