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Chemtrails, Morgellons, Synthetic Biology… and a post-human agenda?

According to this doc, the level of “penetration” is deeper than we suspect, and the process of transforming mankind already underway:

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Dr. Russell Blaylock on chemtrails

4th May 2012 | By Dr. Russell Blaylock | Submitted By Dr. Betty Martini | via Natural Cures.com

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum And Neurodegenerative And Neurodevelopmental Effects


The internet is littered with stories of “chemtrails” and geoengineering to combat “global warming” and until recently I took these stories with a grain of salt. One of the main reasons for my skepticism was that I rarely saw what they were describing in the skies. But over the past several years I have notice a great number of these trails and I have to admit they are not like the contrails I grew up seeing in the skies. They are extensive, quite broad, are laid in a definite pattern and slowly evolve into artificial clouds. Of particular concern is that there are now so many dozens every day are littering the skies.

My major concern is that there is evidence that they are spraying tons of nanosized aluminum compounds. It has been demonstrated in the scientific and medical literature that nanosized particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum. Continue reading


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Long Island chemtrails trial continues: “We won’t be sprayed like bugs”

Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring”, which kickstarted the American environmental movement, was prompted by a legal challenge to blanket pesticide spraying over populated areas. That was then. This is now.

From Dprogram.com:

(Youtube) – December 11th, 2011 – Legislation to Stop Geoengineering Long Island’s Sky Receives Huge Citizen Response this is 55 minutes of citizens asking their local government to enact legislation to stop this treasonous spraying taking place in their (and our) skies.. there was a lot more people speaking out than just this.

This marks a serious deviation from the past, where people have remained silent locally on this issue, and proves we are reaching a tipping point- a critical mass if you will on the issue- it will continue to gain ground and momentum, and can’t be stopped now. Continue reading

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Radiation, chemtrails, and raw milk

From Gordon Watson:

“Our new cowshare isn’t producing much yet, nevertheless, shareholders want to know about the possibility of harmful radio-activity from our raw milk

So I called the BC Minister of Agriculture in Abbotsford.   Jane Pritchard is the deputy Chief Veterinarian. She says that the BC Centre for Disease Control has a Q & A section on its website, to do with this topic. She told me that the air quality is being monitored, and has shown no “spike” in radio-activity. Continue reading


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What to do when it’s raining aluminum?

Check out this latest study on “Chemtrails: A stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering conference”, from The Tonka Report:

Picture via "the Tonka Report"

“What would you say if you were told that airplanes were regularly spraying toxic aerosols in the skies above every major region of the world? That is exactly what a group of protestors were claiming outside of the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting that was held in San Diego from February 18-22 (2010). Continue reading

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