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New European Scientific Study on Raw Milk’s Impact on Children’s Health

From The Raw Food World:

“(TRFW News) A large European study led by Professor Erika von Mutius reports that fresh, non-pasteurized cow’s milk actually protects children from respiratory infections, fever and inflammation of the middle ear. The study does acknowledge that untreated cow’s milk could contain pathogenic microorganisms that could pose a health risk, but researchers argue for different processing methods to be used to preserve the protective agents in raw milk.  (1,2,3)

This long-term study explored the role of dietary and environmental factors in developing allergic illness.  The study began with 1,000 pregnant women who were asked to document their children’s diet and health weekly for the first year of life. (1,2,3) Continue reading

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New European study correlates raw milk with fewer colds and infections

Via Realmilk.com

“Raw milk opponents and doctors strongly warn against the consumption of unpasteurized milk for infants, children and pregnant women, arguing that these individuals are more susceptible to illnesses that raw milk could cause. However, a new study that took place across Austria, Finland, France, Germany and Switzerland shows a connection between the consumption of raw milk and lowered rates of colds and infections among children. This study clearly relates Raw milk and lower infections in children.

The study, detailed in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, aimed to assess the effects of consumption of raw vs. boiled vs. industrially processed milks on common infections (including coughing, runny nose, fever, ear infection or diarrhea) in babies’ first year of life. Continue reading


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State interference in parenting choices?

A word to the wise from Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist:

Mother and baby, photo via The Healthy Home Economist

“Warning to all parents who make healthy homemade baby formula for their children instead of feeding them toxic, GMO laced commercial formula.

DON’T tell a conventionally minded doctor about it else your baby might end up in foster care!

This is the nightmare Alorah Gellerson of Brooklin, Maine is experiencing right now because she made the mistake of telling her doctor about the homemade goat milk formula she proudly and carefully makes for her healthy, happy, three-month old son Carson.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) quickly responded when the doctor reported Alorah and that’s when things got messy. Continue reading

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Studies show kids who drink raw milk have a higher resistance to allergens

From Sarah at the Healthy Home Economist:

Raw milk child – photo via The Healthy Home Economist.

“The Hygiene Hypothesis states that when children lack early exposure to infectious agents, parasites, and symbiotic microorganisms like normal gut flora such as would naturally occur in a rural or farm environment, they are much more likely to suffer from autoimmune disorders such as allergies or asthma. Continue reading


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Raw milk and our children’s future

It is widely known that diet is a major contributor to the children’s health crisis. This conference will explore an important traditional food that is missing from our children’s diet and currently banned in Canada. – Kimberly Hartke, Publicist

 4th Annual International Raw Milk Symposium to Explore

Raw Milk and Our Children’s Future

September 28, 2012– Vancouver, British Columbia –While provincial officials maintain that raw milk is a health hazard, the International Raw Milk Symposium is coming to British Columbia next month and will focus on the benefits of fresh, unprocessed whole milk for human health, especially the health of children. Continue reading


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“Real Police” a hit with the kids at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms

From Michael Schmidt:

Michael’s young sons were eager to show their bikes to the real police.

Lets be like Children

Today once again we faced the reality of another search and seizure action by Government agents and Police.

To make it very clear, this time NOT because of milk like most people thought, no, this time because of the Shropshire sheep which disappeared sometimes beginning of April just before the CFIA henchmen came to kill them. Continue reading


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Cow share friends meet again in Dallas

Eleanor is a cow-share member from Richmond Hill. She sent the picture below of her sons and Michael Schmidt, which she took at the recent Weston A. Price conference in Dallas.

Nico and Raf with farmer Michael Schmidt, at the WAPF conference in Dallas

We wrote back and asked for some background on the photo. Here it is:

I am a raw milk drinker (as is my family), Cow Share Canada member and food freedom supporter. We value ethical farmers – true stewards of the land – and what they produce and, as much as possible, we eat from the farm.

I support Michael’s dedication to food freedom and have shared his story with my two sons (Nicholas, blond boy on the left in picture is my older son, Rafael on the right, is Nicholas’ friend; my younger son did not attend the conference). Continue reading

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Rebel Rebel — preparing their future

At the Blue Bus:

Thanks to Elise for sending us a photo of this charming duo.

And at the Queen’s Park rally yesterday afternoon: Continue reading

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Kids who drink raw milk have 40% less asthma and allergies — new large study

Via Wake Up World:

From on Simone Anderson on Facebook

By David Augenstein – http://journal.livingfood.us

Reuters and other media outlets reported September 13about a large European raw milk study published at the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, online August 29, 2011, showing kids who drink raw milk are 41% less likely to suffer from asthma and allergies. The study included 8334 school-aged children, and 7606 of them provided serum samples to assess specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels. Over 800 cow’s milk samples were collected at the participants’ homes. Reuter’s article stated: Continue reading

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Rogue lemonade stand: capitol offense?

Only in America?

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