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Minnesotans don’t take kindly to theft of raw milk by would-be “regulators”

The latest breaking news from David E. Gumpert of The Complete Patient blog:

“People are starting to get worked up about regulators taking away their food.

As you’ll see on the video here, about thirty people confronted two agents from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture yesterday outside Minneapolis when the agents confiscated raw milk the people had already purchased. The agents got involved because the milk came from the farm of Michael Hartmann. who has been under a state agriculture department order restricting him from distributing milk; he has argued that since he doesn’t have a dairy license, he’s not under the department’s jurisdiction. Continue reading


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Vancouver raw milk cowsharers meet

Michael Schmidt is now in B.C. after his news conference in Alberta:

Michael Schmidt met one of his former cowshare members from Ontario, Gina, who is now a cowshare member in Chilliwack. It's a small raw milk world out there. Thanks to Michael for the pictures.

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Michael Schmidt asks “Are regulations lawful if they haven’t been passed by the legislature”

Well, you’d think so, since “everyone” seems to accept that status quo.

Picture via Michael Schmidt's blog.

But what if more and more people started questioning the proliferation of regulations and other intrusions of government into what formerly were realms of personal freedom? What then? Michael Schmidt asks some difficult questions, questions that matter a lot to our political future… as in will Canadians become ever more burdened by their political “masters”, or will they be served by their “public servants”?

And finally a reminder to those who live in Bruce Grey Owen Sound and would like to help Michael Schmidt win the nomination to be chosen as the Progressive Conservative candidate for that riding, hurry up and join the party now, before it’s too late. As far as I understand, one can actually be a member of more than one political party. And joining the party is not expensive either. People have been conditioned through the media to believe that there’s nothing they can do about the misuse of government. And yet, by ignoring what’s going on in politics, they give their tacit assent to those very evils that may come back to bite them in the end. So lets wake up now, while something still can be done to turn things around, before it’s too late!

So here’s the latest post on Michael Schmidt’s political blog: Continue reading


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The Canadian revolution — owning the podium on agricultural renewal — seeds

Thanks to Jim Scott at Salt Spring News for bringing this story to our attention. From Salt Spring Seeds — “Oh Canada, how can I grow for thee“:

Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds -- outstanding in his field! Salt Spring Seeds picture.

“There’s a revolution that is happening in Canada. Not many people know about it yet but a lot of people are part of it. Continue reading

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Citizens state their case for legal raw milk in Jefferson City, Missouri

This story is excerpted from the Springfield Missouri NewsLeader.com:

Armand Bechard (right) of Conway challenges members of the State Milk Board to compare the results of pasteurized milk and raw milk after sitting out for one week during Tuesday's meeting. (Charles Ludeke / for the News-Leader)

“Jefferson City — The movement to consume raw milk instead of pasteurized dairy products is as much about personal freedom as the supposed health benefits.

That was the message raw milk advocates gave the Missouri State Milk Board during a meeting Tuesday in the capital city.

“There is a risk, admittedly. But there’s a risk in walking the street or flying in an airplane,” said Bill McBrayer, 80, of Wheatland. “I believe we should have the right to personally decide if we wish to take that risk.” Continue reading

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CBC interviews citizens sharing H1N1 vaccine info on the streets of Toronto

The good news is that the story did air on some affiliate stations’ local news shows. The bad news is that this CBC-TV news report was cut from “The National”, although the reporter indicated it would air there. Corporate or globalist agendas at work? Or your tax dollars?

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