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Dairy Farmers of America colluded with Dean Foods to artificially depress the price paid to farmers; like “abuse of dominance” in case of B.C. raw milk?

An introduction from Gordon Watson:

“The term “abuse of dominance” comes from the Competition Act Revised Statutes of Canada. It is defined as an offence under that act.

From what I’ve seen over the last 13 years’ of my involvement with the Campaign for REAL MILK in British C0lumbia, the engine of opposition to fresh whole raw milk being available is from the big food processors, using the pretext of “concern for public health” as a cover story for suppressing competitors who can deliver a far-superior product.

Apologists for the Canadian way of doing things = the Canadian Wheat Board, the vegetable marketing boards, and the milk marketing boards = will quickly bleat that ‘oh that can’t happen here, the marketing boards are controlled by the government’. Continue reading


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“Collusion and Restraint of Trade”

Here is an excerpt from David E. Gumpert’s latest musings on the evolving politics of raw milk in America, from The Complete Patient blog:

“….Nowhere was the new thinking, if that is what it was, more in evidence than in the legislative effort to allow Grade A dairies to sell raw milk directly from the farm in Wisconsin. As the legislation made its way through the process, it was adjusted ever more to the liking of regulators (names of customers required), public health people (all kinds of testing), even product liability lawyers (by removing a prohibition on liability suits).

The legislation passed by lopsided majorities in both legislative bodies, and the governor said in late April that he was inclined toward signing it. But then the dairy lobby got involved. We don’t know what was said and who promised what to whom, but we don’t have to let our imaginations run very wild to come up with plausible scenarios. Continue reading


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