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About a raw milk consumer initiative

From Margo McIntosh:

It has been pointed out to me that some people do not approve of the rawmilkconsumer.ca initiative because we are asking for legal government regulated milk.  We are not and I will explain in a moment.  Some have said they would support it if it was linked to Cow Share Canada, others that they wouldn’t support it if it was linked to Cow Share Canada etc. etc.  Some seem to think that this initiative was spearheaded by Michael Schmidt, others that think we are doing this behind his back.  Neither of these has any speck of truth to it.  Michael knows what we are doing but has had no influence on anything we do. In fact he has not given any input nay or for.  I welcome his input but it won’t change what we do as a working group.

I thought this was explained clearly but let me give it another go.  We are collecting consumer support to take a package of raw milk information to our MP’s and MPP’s in order to give them another perspective to look at this from that isn’t the current dogma from Health Canada.  I became very aware that many of the politicians no nothing about safe raw milk being consumed in all the other G8 countries and half the US.  They also have no idea that the reported outbreaks and illnesses from raw milk, when taken in the larger context of total illness from raw foods of any kind, is very small.  We have someone working on a paper for research and one for how this is regulated in other countries. Continue reading


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A new Canadian raw milk consumer advocacy group has now been formed

A guest post by Margo McIntosh:

A new consumer group has formed to coordinate the efforts of many across Canada to make headway with raw milk legislation.  There is a working group consisting of consumers from various walks of life across Canada.  Our website is www.rawmilkconsumer.ca.  I have just been informed that Slow Food Montreal is gearing up to create the same type of group in French so we will be collaborating our efforts with them.  This is a Federal and Provincial advocacy effort and we need your help.

On the Welcome page of the website is a petition that we need hand signed and returned to us by September 15, 2012.  In order to present this to the House of Commons, the petition has to be in original format.  Please help us by circulating this petition and collecting as many signatures as you can.  Anyone who believes that Canadians have the right to access natural foods if they want them can sign this petition.  You will find the address to mail the petition to printed right on it.  We need your help!  Help us make a difference! Continue reading


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Cow Share Canada Level 1 course Sat. October 29th with Tim Wightman

Farmer and educator Tim Wightman, at Glencolton Farms during an earlier visit.

Despite the current stalemate Cow Share Canada is holding another level one Cow Share College at Glencolton Farms this coming Saturday.

This course is open to Farmers and Consumers alike to understand the requirements, standards, and social implications before venturing into the new concept.

The following topics will be addressed: Continue reading


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Virtual grocery shopping in South Korea

Thanks to Cryptogon for the heads up:

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Farmer Michael Schmidt on the role of Cow Share Canada in establishing respected raw milk standards

Michael weighs in on the discussion about Cow Share Canada and it’s emerging role in the raw milk marketplace:

Michael Schmidt is on his way home.

I reviewed with interest the responses to my last post on the Bovine and on several Facebook pages.

Once again it is remarkable how quickly people jump to conclusions with or without in fact knowing all the relevant facts.

The repeated call for CSC guidelines to be published indicates as if there is the assumption that CSC has assumed the authority to supervise the raw milk production or control the raw milk market.
Nothing is further from the truth. Any farmer can jump into the raw milk market under the cow share model if they wish to do so. They can create their own safety standards, their own cow share contracts and their own way of marketing be it on or off the farm. Continue reading


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Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors power point on Raw Milk

Thanks to Gordon Watson for sending this document our way:

Click image to download pdf of power point slide show.

Click here to download pdf file (392 Kb)


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Families fight back against raw milk ban

Here’s the story, from KSPR news in Missouri:

“….More raw emotions over raw milk as the Christian County Health Department Board of Trustees votes to ban the distribution of the product at the county’s farmer’s markets.

Those who sell it say it isn’t right,and they are finding ways to circumvent the system- they claim- on behalf of their customers.

“The farmer’s market is one of our biggest outlets.”

Still is, even though technically, it’s not supposed to be. Continue reading

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