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“Ain’t no time to wonder why….”

Some insights on the state of farming today, via Salt Spring News:

"The very next year we wrote a parody of Country Joe's "I Feel-like-I'm-fixin'-to-die Rag" and called it "The Monsanto Rag" which became our first ever song." -- Synister Dane and the Kickapoo Disco Cosmonuts (via Salt Spring News)

“It ought to be obvious that in order to have sustainable agriculture, you have got to make sustainable the lives and livelihoods of the people who do the work. The land cannot thrive if the people who are its users and caretakers do not thrive. Ecological sustainability requires a complex local culture as the preserver of the necessary knowledge and skill; and this in turn requires a settled, stable, prosperous local population of farmers and other land users. It ought to be obvious that agriculture cannot be made sustainable by a dwindling population of economically depressed farmers and a growing population of migrant workers. Continue reading

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