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Covert action against citizens groups?

Recent talk about state action against organized citizens groups reminds one of Cointelpro infiltration of radical groups in the 60s by the FBI. What’s more, open talk advocating such covert action smacks of “Revelation of the Method” [1] (in Masonic tradition), in which not only do you control the masses, but you publicly state how you’re going to go about doing it, thereby making the people all the more complicit in their own subjugation. Here are some interesting excerpts from recent exploration of the topic by Peter Ewart, on Opinion250.com

A game of "chicken"? Steps Towards Self Sufficiency blog photo.

“An increasingly common tactic of governments and establishment pundits in the U.S., Canada, and other countries these days is to refer to the opposition to their policies as being motivated by “conspiracy theories” of one kind or another.

By so doing, these governments and pundits are attempting to lump together legitimate opposition and sound theories with that of “kooks” and “cranks,” and thus diminish the credibility of the opposition in the eyes of the public. Continue reading

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