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Canadian Cowshare College — one-day basics course March 19, 2011, Durham

World -renowned Canadian raw milk pioneer Michael Schmidt will be teaching a one day course on the basics of running a cow share farm on March 19th, 2011 near Durham Ontario.

Bottling jars of raw milk in the Glencolton Farms dairy processing room.

Here’s a brief bio of Michael from the course description: Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt’s raw milk Cow Share College to be offered across Canada in 2011, according to the Vancouver Sun

From Randy Shore, writing for the Vancouver Sun:

A Chilliwack raw milk dairy ordered to stop distributing unpasteurized milk is now calling its products cosmetics. Photograph by: Paul J. Henderson, CHILLIWACK TIMES

“A Chilliwack raw-milk dairy ordered to stop distributing unpasteurized milk is now calling its products cosmetics.

Tearing a page from the history books, Our Cows cow-share cooperative now labels raw milk and raw-milk dairy products as Cleopatra’s bathing milk, raw milk skin care lotion and face cream, according to farmer Michael Schmidt.

“Let’s be clear, these are not dairy products, these are cosmetics,” Schmidt told The Sun.

“The contents of these cosmetic products are unpasteurized dairy products.” Not everyone is convinced. Continue reading


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Cow Share College Part Two in Durham

This just in from Kimm, who organizes the Cow Share College programs:

Cowshare College – Level II completes process for farmers.

Many of the producers who participated in Canadian Cowshare College – the Basics will be completing the process on Saturday, January 8th, 2011, with a half-day workshop called Cowshare College – Level II.  Most of these participants are considering or starting their own cowshare programmes.  They are or are likely to become members of Cow Share Canada, a grassroots organization that exists to: bring consumers and producers together while meeting Ontario’s regulations/restrictions concerning access to food; to educate and train consumers and producers in food rights and safe production of healthy alternatives; and to act, ultimately, as a voice for those consumers and producers who have serious concerns over the ever-increasing regulation of basic foods. Continue reading

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Raw milk is still “getting ink” in Saskatoon nearly two weeks after Michael Schmidt’s visit Dec. 2nd

Amy Jo Ehman writes in the Saskatchewan Star Phoenix:

Raw milk is still headline news is Saskatoon, 11 days after Michael Schmidt's visit.

“You wouldn’t think that something so basic as milk could be controversial. However, milk has made a renegade out of me.

I have on occasion bought milk from a local farmer — an act that is both venerable and verboten. The sale of raw, unprocessed, straight-from-the-farm milk is illegal in Canada. More specifically, it is illegal to sell milk that has not been pasteurised. Continue reading

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