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Food freedom raw milk rallies across the country on November 23, marking the 5th anniversary of the 2006 raid by the MNR on Glencolton Farms

From Margo McIntosh, on Balance Your Apple blog:

Images from Glencolton Farm raid and subsequent news conference are compiled from the Landowner Magazine, Feb/March 2007

“There are rallies and events happening right across the country in the month of November with most of them being on the 23rd of November.  If you are concerned about food rights of any kind and/or are a raw milk drinker or farmer and want to see access to this whole food continue, please come out to these rallies and join us.  If you can’t make it we ask you to please send this link to your friends, family and through social networking. Continue reading

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Farmers meet to discuss the future of raw milk cow sharing in Ontario

Ontario Cow Share farmers Jacqueline Fennel and Michael Schmidt

Yesterday Jacquelin Fennel and her husband John met with Michael Schmidt to discuss the current situation in regards to cow share operations in Ontario.

Topic of discussion was the imminent danger of further crack downs by local Health Units or the SWAT team from the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) acting as enforcement agency for the two Ministries Agriculture and Health in Ontario.

Jacguelin Fennel is a fearless and outspoken cow share operator with 200 families. Continue reading


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B.C. health authorities are paying close attention to comments posted on “The Bovine” blog — so comment away!!!!!

This is according to a recent letter from Gordon Watson, of Home on the Range:

“To all those interested in the Campaign for REAL MILK in British Columbia.

I haven’t seen the letter from Fraser Health’s legal counsel.

I assume that it is a Notice of the Hearing to determine Costs, set for October. There is no compulsion for you to do anything.

You can sign the thing – which only acknowledges that you received Notice – then send it back, if you want. Continue reading


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Cow shares available in Lafayette, LA

This just in from the “Living in the land of milk and honey” blog:

“Buy a cow – Buy half a cow- Buy a head of a cow or a quarter. I don’t mind, just buy a cow. I will care for her here if you don’t have the room. I will groom her, milk her, and just love her up for you. We are pasture – based and feed NO corn or soy. We feed grass hay and alfala hay. We milk by hand and store in glass jars. Email me for details: ttaylor1967@cox.net for the details.

Here are the cows we have for sale:

A pretty nice A2 cow -- that gives milk that's not like what you get at the store.

Here is Momma Cow. She is available for cow shares only.  She is a Jersey/ Guernsey cross. She is 7 years old and has had 4 calves. She is open and in milk, giving 3 gallons a day. I will be breeding her in May or June of 2010 for a spring 2011 calf.  She is easily re-bred and takes on the first breeding. She calves easily and is a good momma cow. She has been tested and has the A2 milk gene.This simply means her milk is easily digestible….”

Get the whole story from the land of milk and honey blog.


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French lead the way in cow investments

This is an excerpt from a New York Times article by Steven Erlanger titled “French Find Safety Nets Multiplying in Pastures“:

The French -- even non-farmers -- look to cattle as a stable investment in turbulent times. Photo: Philippe Schuller for the New York Times

“ST.-VICTOR-DE-CESSIEU, France — The French, known for their mistrust of banks, are not just stuffing money into mattresses in these anxious days of recession and minuscule interest rates. They are also putting their cash into cows.

For Pierre Marguerit, 60, cows make a safe, secure investment, allowing for long-term growth from a renewable resource. The cow contracts are hardly new, but go back to Richard the Lionheart; the French word for livestock, “cheptel,” is the root for “capital.”

These are not exactly cash cows. But investment in Mr. Marguerit’s Holsteins will bring a 4 to 5 percent return a year after taxes, he said, based on “natural growth” — the sale of their offspring. That compares to an interest rate now of 0.75 percent on the basic French bank account. Continue reading

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The economics of cow-shares in Canada and good news for Calgary milk lovers

A happy Vancouver area cow-share member getting milk from Bert Jongerden at one of several Vancouver-area drop off points for Home on the Range.

A happy Vancouver area cow-share member getting milk from Bert Jongerden at one of several Vancouver-area drop off points for "Home on the Range". Gordon Watson photo.

Here’s some advice Gordon Watson recently gave to some folks who are considering establishing a cow-share dairy operation in the Calgary area. Gordon Watson is associated with Alice Jongerden’s Home on the Range farm near Chilliwack B.C., just a little east of Vancouver, which may well be Canada’s largest raw milk cow-share operation.

“Here is a thumbnail sketch of what we’ve learned in a year and a half:

A cow on a mainly grass-fed diet will produce an average of three gallons of milk per day. One gallon is four quarts. A quart is 32 fluid ounces. A liter is 39.36 fluid ounces. Forget the metric system and use American measures. The same people who are tuned-in to real food are intuitively opposed to globalization, which was what the metric system was created for; choose you this day whom you will serve

On the premise that a household will use a gallon of milk a week, then one cow will supply 21 households. So it takes a group of about 21 shareholders to underwrite one cow in production. Remember ; that cow will be dry for two months a year.  Two cows in milk will pay the overhead and provide half a day’s wage for someone who will do the stoop labour. Six cows in milk is a full time job at industrial wages. By the time you have 20 cows in milk, you should be making enough to be able to pay for a piece of property. That model is best suited to two families who will share the work Continue reading


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