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London Calling — Goodbye Jeff Lucas

Jeff and Jill Lucas — at the party Sept. 6th

Last Saturday Sept 6th, friends gathered to say goodbye to Jeff Lucas and his wife Jill.

And while most of those present knew Jeff primarily though his work as a friend of the Toronto Waldorf School and co-founder of the Carrville Community Garden, it’s only right that we should as well honour him for his work towards raw milk food freedom, as a staunch supporter of Michael Schmidt and the raw milk  farmshare community.

Jeff helped provide citizen escorts for the blue bus during its weekly journey from Durham down to Thornhill during a time when there was concern over possible regulatory interference with the ongoing delivery of raw milk to cow share members. Continue reading

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Cowsharing raw milk cosmetic farmer in Australia meets the Dairy Authority

From Paul Marks on Alternative Law Journal:

“Tyler set up ‘My Cow’, a cow-share program, about six years ago. Applicants purchase a one per cent share of a cow for $27.50. Shareholders then pay a small monthly boarding fee. Each share yields 6.5 litres of raw, unprocessed milk monthly. Shareholders may either collect the milk from the dairy or, if they pay a delivery fee, from one of a number of suburban Adelaide collection points.

A raft of Legislation, Regulation, Standards and Codes of Practice apply to milk production. Accreditation by the Dairy Authority is required to produce, transport or process milk. The sale of raw drinking milk is not permitted. A recent Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (‘FSANZ’) review of restrictions on the production and processing of raw milk decided ‘the risks associated with raw drinking milk cannot be reduced sufficiently and such products present a medium to high level of public health and safety risk’. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt reflects on the Little Chilliwack Dairy Court Drama, part 2

Michael Schmidt continues with his review of the BC raw milk trial. Part 1 is here, if you missed it.

Photos from the operetta Milk Trial by Jury

I returned home to Ontario on a West Jet red eye flight. I was relieved that Nobody around me noticed, that I was out on bail for conspiracy to kidnap sheep. 

Lawyers worked frantically to make sure that I can continue to play my role in the six act drama of our “little Chilliwack dairy”. No doubt it would be the best scenario in the “Hunt for Michael Schmidt” if I  would be punished and locked up for 45 days as Susan Beach demanded before the “Sheep Heist Trial” even starts.

What an honor to travel 13500 km in less than 12 days to be on the BC stage of justice.

[Editor’s note: Michael had to return to Ontario after Act 3 of the trial, in order to obtain permission to go again out of the Province, since his original permission had been for only been for the trial’s anticipated duration of Feb 13-15th, and now it seemed the proceedings would take a few days longer than planned for.] Continue reading


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At issue in allowing an appeal — is the Michael Schmidt raw milk case a matter of widespread public interest?

Farmer Michael Schmidt, following a previous court appearance.

Lawyer Karen Selick argues that it is. In court documents made public yesterday she argues that that the court should allow an appeal in part because of widespread public interest in the case. According to the documents, there are at least ten other raw milk cowshare operations in the province, modeled on Schmidt’s cowshare whose members will also be affected by this case.

Not to mention the 150 families involved as part of Schmidt’s own cowshare. In her submissions to the court she says that previous decisions in the case have left regular dairy farmers (88% of whom drink their milk raw) and even housewives at the whim of prosecutorial discretion because of overly broad interpretations of “distributing” and “operating a milk plant”.

Another indication of widespread interest in the case is the fact that the Michael Schmidt raw milk story has received extensive coverage in major media.

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Illegal raw milk bust makes CBS news

California, where you can buy raw milk in the store, but not from your farmer:

Click to go to page to watch video from CBS news.

“An undercover agent posting as a mom busted a Bay Area operation that offers participants raw milk. Dr. Kim Mulvihill reports.”

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Raw milk cow sharing in Kentucky

From Kentucky.com:

FRANKFORT — Families who want to drink fresh raw milk without buying their own dairy herds are backing a bill to sanction “cow sharing.”

The practice lets people buy into a herd and share the resulting milk, cheese and other dairy products. Proponents say raw milk is more nutritious and delicious.

“Right now, shared ownership isn’t illegal, but it is not recognized,” said John-Mark Hack of Marskbury Farm Market in Lancaster, who testified in favor of the bill before the Senate Agriculture Committee last month. Continue reading


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Salt Spring Island dairy goat farmer Jan Steinman talking raw milk on the radio

Click here to go to the audio feed from Jan Steinman’s interview.

Click image to go to the radio program's website.

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Raw milk farmer isn’t giving up

From Megan Ogilvie on The Toronto Star’s Healthzone.ca:


“One day after an Ontario judged ruled his cow-share program is, in fact, illegal, raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt vowed he would soldier on.

“I will stay the course,” Schmidt said from his farm in Durham, Ont. “We will continue to build.”

The decision, released Wednesday,overturns a 2010 lower court ruling that found Schmidt’s cow-share venture did not break laws against the sale of unpasteurized milk.

For the past 21 months, Schmidt has been operating in the open, regularly providing those who purchased shares in his cows with jars of raw milk.

“It was a nice feeling, these last two years, to have a sense of security,” said Schmidt, who promises the blue bus, from which cow-share owners pick up their milk, will continue to park in a Richmond Hill church lot on Tuesdays. Continue reading

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The Weakened Condition of the Victim

Here’s an article which was written for The Bovine, by Gary Wilson, who is a Glencolton Farms cowshare member. Quite aside from the content of the article itself, it illustrates the depth of independent research cowshare members go through in making their dietary decisions. Clearly people like Gary don’t need help from government in deciding what foods are best to eat.


Legendary soil scientist William A. Albrecht. Click image for source.

The four main authors I have studied, Albrecht, Pottenger, Price and Voisin, all seem to share the same point of view as expressed by Albrecht that it is not the overpowering invader we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim. Our society, however, seems to concentrate its efforts on waging war with the overpowering invader, probably because that provides ongoing profits in a war that never ends. Society’s changing its point of view would force more research to be done in determining what is causing the condition of the victim to weaken and so lead to the treatment of the underlying cause of the problem. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt raw milk appeal verdict is expected later this week; farmshare members eager for news

Michael Schmidt with his wife Elise VanderHout (in red) at yesterday's meeting.

Michael Schmidt and Elisa VanderHout held a meeting of Glencolton Farms farmshare members last night in Thornhill. Speaking with regard to the recently issued farmshare certificates, both thanked the members for their support in making possible the kind of farming that Glencolton stands for, a kind of farming that respects the land and the animals, and makes every effort to produce the highest quality of milk and milk products. Elisa described how a farm near Glencolton had recently been bought by someone who wasted no time removing the hedgerows and readying the place for the kind of no-holds-barred exploitation of the land that is sadly still in vogue among mainstream farming types in Ontario.

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