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Michael Schmidt’s countdown — three days to go to a verdict on the Crown’s appeal of Jan 2010 raw milk acquittal

Three days to go -- In this picture we see four happy brothers all raised on raw milk. From left William with Florian, who is now a medical doctor in Germany. Markus now running the day to day operation at Glencolton Farms and a always happy Oliver screaming in my ear; Papa you will win!!!!!!! Just listen to your kids instead to the Government.

There is a real sense of anticipation what the outcome will be of this appeal. Across North America raw milk advocates are getting excited to either celebrate another victory or jump with renewed determination into the battle to defend their farmers to protect their food.

I came to the most obvious conclusion having battled this for almost 18 years that — WE ARE AT THE POINT OF NO RETURN. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt will be back in court tomorrow for the Crown’s appeal of his January 2010 raw milk trial victory

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt with litigation director Karen Selick, announcing the Canadian Constitution Foundation's support for the case of raw milk in Ontario. Photo from November 2009

As a writer in Toronto Life once observed, raw milk seems to be a news story that just won’t go away.

This next episode in Ontario’s raw milk saga will pit the best lawyers taxpayer money can buy against renegade farmer Michael Schmidt and his new legal counsel, litigation director Karen Selick, of the Canadian Constitution Foundation.  Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt seeks to call further evidence to battle Crown appeal in Feb.

From the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt talks to media outside the courthouse after his acquittal on all charges in January

“Michael Schmidt said Friday he expects to hear in two or three weeks if he will be able to introduce more evidence at the Crown appeal of his acquittal of charges linked to the distribution of raw milk.

Schmidt said the point was argued Thursday in a courtroom in Newmarket, Ont., where he was acquitted in January of 19 charges laid under the province’s public health regulations, the Ontario Milk Act and the Health Protection and Promotion Act.” Continue reading

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