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Strengthening the heart of the food movement — Biodynamic farming and the recent de-regulation of GMO alfalfa

Robert Karp, from the Biodynamics Blog:

By Robert Karp
Executive Director, Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association

The wider food movement, of which I consider the biodynamic movement to be an intimate and integral part, suffered two devastating blows the past month—blows which have evoked much pain and which deserve much reflection.

The first and most obvious blow was the USDA’s decision to deregulate genetically modified alfalfa and several other crops. The second, less obvious but no less important blow, was the widely circulated letter of Ronnie Cummings of the Organic Consumers Association claiming a kind of complicity among large players in the organic industry in these USDA decisions. (An alternative view can be found here.) The first blow was ecological, political and economic. The second blow cut right to the social heart of the food movement.

Is there a helpful light that can be shed on these events from a biodynamic perspective? Continue reading


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Foodies are the new environmentalists

Time Magazine on how the foodies have picked up the baton from the largely failed environmental movement:

“…..Even as traditional environmentalism struggles, another movement is rising in its place, aligning consumers, producers, the media and even politicians. It’s the food movement, and if it continues to grow it may be able to create just the sort of political and social transformation that environmentalists have failed to achieve in recent years.

That would mean not only changing the way Americans eat and the way they farm — away from industrialized, cheap calories and toward more organic, small-scale production, with plenty of fruits and vegetables — but also altering the way we work and relate to one another. To its most ardent adherents, the food movement isn’t just about reform — it’s about revolution. Continue reading

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In British Columbia’s heartland, healthy food can be surprisingly hard to find

From Colleen Kimmett, writing for the Tyee:

Once a breadbasket, Bella Coola hosts a Community Supported Agriculture project. "The project opened up a lot of people's eyes to growing more food here. Bella Coola used to be the breadbasket for the Central Coast. That has all faded away -- but the potential is still there."

“It’s a good day in Dease Lake when a produce truck breaks down on the Cassiar highway.

For residents in and around this remote northern community, fresh produce can be hard to come by, especially in the winter. Continue reading

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Life tastes good for young farmers

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Toronto Star story by Jennifer Bain, about a young agricultural entrepreneur and his partner.

Mark Trealout and Laura Boyd serve visitors to their Kawartha Lakes farmhouse locally grown and homemade antipasti. They are part of a community-shared agriculture (CSA) program. Photo Jennifer Bain / Toronto Star

The man featured in this story is a someone who the Bovine editor met personally a few years ago at the Guelph Organic Conference, back when Mark was just starting out. It seems that since then he’s had some success with his business plan of remarketing the products of other small organic growers in the Kawartha Lakes area and trucking them in to Toronto.

Toronto’s recent Greenbelt-Foundation-money-fueled explosion of farmers’ markets in the last couple of years has led to a real shortage of authentic farmers willing to schlep their produce to Toronto. That trip to Toronto can be well worth the gas money, since organic produce in smaller communities, commands nowhere near the price premium it does among Toronto’s health-conscious foodies. Continue reading


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