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First day of injunction application hearing for Glencolton Farms, May 29

Lewis (Skip) Taylor talks to a reporter from CTV during the lunch break.

About two hundred coop shareholders, supporters, and interested members of the public came out today to Newmarket court to hear the start of the application for injunctions regarding the Glencolton Farms raw milk operation.

Although the hearing was scheduled for 9:30 am, it was nearly 11 am by the time things got underway in earnest. Some of that first hour and a half was taken up with a motion from the lawyer for Ontario Milk Director Gavin Downing (subsequently referred to here as “the Crown lawyer”). This motion would have converted Our Farm Our Food Coop’s status at the hearing to that of a respondent (from being an intervener). Council for OFOF, Lewis (Skip) Taylor objected to the motion, saying he would need time to consult with the members, because the motion had been filed so late. The Crown lawyer decided not to pursue it further.

The lawyers for the Crown and for the Region of York agreed that the ARC Coop and the Christian Community church could be represented by non-lawyers. Elisa van der Hout will represent ARC, which is the workers coop at the farm, and Jonah Evans will represent the church.

Most of Monday was taken up by presentations by the lawyer for the Crown. Both he and the lawyer for York Region were to have finished their presentations today — which raises the question as to whether the proceedings will be finished on Tuesday as originally envisioned. Tuesday was to have been devoted to hearing from the respondents, and presumably some counter-arguments after that.

Two reporters were on hand to cover the proceedings. A York Region Media Group reporter was there in the morning, interviewing people outside the courtroom. And a reporter from CTV Barrie was present during the morning court proceedings. He stayed to interview Lewis Taylor, counsel for OFOF, Michael Schmidt and Elisa van der Hout, over lunch hour. Continue reading

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Practical Farmers of Ontario now have 200 members after 2 weeks — CTV

Learn more on the Practical Farmers of Ontario website.

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OSPCA raiding Amish farms in Ontario

According to Michael Schmidt, 45 inspectors of the OSPCA raided 16 Amish farms in Huron County. No charges were laid. They found one dog with an ear infection, one puppy born the night before laying away from his mother, and tarter plaque on the teeth of a dog. From CTV news:

Click image to go to CTV website to watch video clip.


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One of Canada’s “big three” dairies, Saputo, recalls milk due to possible contamination with cleaning solution

CFIA image of recalled product via CTV news. Click image to go to the CTV story.

CTV, Global News, Yahoo and Canadian Press are reporting that Saputo dairy has recalled a type of milk product sold in both Ontario and Quebec because it may have been contaminated with a cleaning agent. Apparently you can be too clean.

Yahoo reports that “Milk containing this cleaning solution may not look or smell spoiled, but drinking it may cause symptoms such as nausea, upset stomach or vomiting.” Continue reading


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CTV Vancouver covers raw milk rally

From CTV.ca coverage of the Nov. 2nd rally. Full video on CTV news.

Michael Schmidt in Vancouver yesterday. Frame grab from CTV video.

Continue reading

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CTV on Michael Schmidt in Vancouver

From Ian Monroe at CTV.ca:

Michael Schmidt at a news conference in Thornhill Oct. 11th.

“An Ontario dairy farmer and raw milk activist says he’s lost around 40 lbs, a month after going on a hunger strike. But he’s still hopeful that Premier Dalton McGuinty will agree to meet with him.

In late September, the Ontario Court of Justice found Michael Schmidt guilty of 15 charges related to producing and distributing unpasteurized milk, which is banned in Canada.

While he waits to hear his sentence in the case, Schmidt began a hunger strike in the hopes of being granted a meeting with the newly re-elected Ontario premier.

In a phone interview from his farm south of Owen Sound, Ont., Schmidt said he’s under the supervision of a doctor and is running low on energy. Continue reading


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The black market for raw milk keeps growing in Canada — CTV Edmonton

Found this while looking to see if anyone else was reporting on the recent incident near Edmonton involving police and the wife of a raw milk agister. This is by Jennifer Tryon, CTV Food Specialist:

Image from CTV Edmonton website

‘A dark shadow is being cast over the food that gives us life. CTV News has uncovered a growing underground of illegal, unpasteurized milk.

“What we’re providing is milk at its purest,” says one raw milk farmer, who only agreed to be interviewed if his identity is concealed.

According to a government document, a quarter of a million Canadians drink unpasteurized milk. The farmer interviewed by CTV News says the demand is high. Some customers travel more than 200 kilometres to buy his illegal milk.

“I would say [customers] beg for the milk. It’s not even asking. They beg for the milk.” Continue reading


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CTV news reports on Michael Schmidt’s takeover of controversial B.C. raw milk cowshare farm “Home on the Range”

Darcy Wintonyk of CTV-BC news reports on the latest raw milk developments in the lower mainland with Michael Schmidt and “Our Cows” (formerly “Home on the Range”):

Probably that's Darcy Wintonyk under the umbrella, flanked by her cameraman, interviewing raw milk farmers Michael Schmidt and Alice Jongerden for this story. Photo courtesy of Glencolton Farms.

An Ontario raw dairy crusader who recently won his fight to distribute unpasteurized milk has taken over a legally troubled Fraser Valley cow-share operation in hopes of winning the right to sell the controversial beverage in B.C. Continue reading


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Ontario prison farm supporters losing hope after 15 arrested in Kingston

From a report dated Aug 9, 2010, from the CTV news website:

Click on image above to go to CTV.ca site to view video of protest

“Protesters aiming to save prison farms say they’re losing hope after about 15 people were arrested Monday morning during a demonstration at a federal lockup in Kingston, Ont. Continue reading

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Video of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s response to Michael Schmidt’s press conference statement on CTV news

Here’s a video clip of Dalton McGuinty’s response to Michael Schmidt’s news conference statement, as found on the CTV website:

Dalton McGuinty's response, captured on video. From CTV. Click image to go there.

Otherwise CTV is running the Canadian Press story we’ve seen elsewhere:

“The province is right to appeal a verdict in favour of raw milk crusader Michael Schmidt because of ongoing public health concerns, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday, while the farmer called the move another example of a government intent on interfering with personal freedoms. Continue reading


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