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CTV news reports on Michael Schmidt’s takeover of controversial B.C. raw milk cowshare farm “Home on the Range”

Darcy Wintonyk of CTV-BC news reports on the latest raw milk developments in the lower mainland with Michael Schmidt and “Our Cows” (formerly “Home on the Range”):

Probably that's Darcy Wintonyk under the umbrella, flanked by her cameraman, interviewing raw milk farmers Michael Schmidt and Alice Jongerden for this story. Photo courtesy of Glencolton Farms.

An Ontario raw dairy crusader who recently won his fight to distribute unpasteurized milk has taken over a legally troubled Fraser Valley cow-share operation in hopes of winning the right to sell the controversial beverage in B.C. Continue reading


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Ontario raw dairyman Michael Schmidt to attend B.C. court Monday in support of Home on the Range cowsharers

Controversial raw milk pioneer Michael Schmidt said yesterday that he would be traveling to Vancouver this weekend in time to be in court Monday morning with Alice Jongerden and Gordon Watson of Home on the Range cowshare dairy in Chilliwack B.C. Below is a link to TV footage that connects the Chilliwack case with Michael Schmidt’s victory last week in Newmarket court. Video is from CTV BC.

Click on image to go to page where video can be viewed.

As background for Monday’s court proceeding’s, here’s are excerpts from an earlier CTV story on the raw milk issue, from January 11th, by Darcy Wintonyk:

“Raw dairy enthusiasts are challenging lab results by the B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), saying samples of unpasteurized milk deemed dangerous by the agency does not prove the product is unfit for consumption. Continue reading

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Pasteurization extends shelf life, enables milk to be shipped great distances, and cleans up after less-than-ideal practices in feeding and sanitation — CTV B.C.

Darcy Wintonyk continues with her excellent CTV B.C. series on raw milk and how it compares to pasteurized milk. Here’s an excerpt from her latest post:

That's like a backwards way of saying raw milk is worth the risk -- if the risks don't outweigh the benefits. Now that's something we can all agree on! Rapprochement at last! Photo and quote above, from CTVBC.

“In the late 1800s, primitive sanitation, refrigeration and rampant tuberculosis contributed to the deaths of thousands – if not millions – of milk drinkers. Louis Pasteur’s revolutionary technique of treating milk with heat to kill bacteria, known as pasteurization, almost eliminated those fatalities.

But raw milk producers say pasteurization is no longer necessary in an age where raw dairy can be produced safely — and that heat treating milk can actually be more harmful than helpful.

David Gumpert, author of The Raw Milk Revolution, says that as the dairy industry grew and safety standards improved pasteurization became more about preservation and less about consumer protection. Continue reading


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