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Raw milk: Wisconsin v. Herschberger

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“The video below seems almost mundane in its discussion about dairy rules and regulations. But it’s what is not said that is most important here.

Ostensibly, Jackie Owens was at the farm last Thursday to carry out an inspection. Part of her regulatory duty, since her Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is responsible for overseeing farms of all sorts, as she politely explained. And just as politely, the farm’s owner, Verson Hershberger, declined her request for the inspection.

But Vernon Hershberger’s farm not just any ordinary farm. His farm’s milk and other produce are available only to the 100-plus members of his food club.  Continue reading


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Quashing raw milk goes badly in WI

From 3 Wheeled Cheese:

“A decision by a Dane County judge to block a northeastern Wisconsin farm from selling raw milk might have reignited a longstanding debate over free taste and health safety. Continue reading


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WI farmer Vernon Herschberger “not getting sucked into the [DATCP] game”; he says Michael Schmidt inspired him

The latest from David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

Farmer Vernon Herschberger. Photo from David E. Gumpert at The Complete Patient blog.

“I wanted to meet Hershberger in person, because I admire his courage in challenging the Wisconsin authorities in their campaign to deny people access to healthful foods. He said at that time he was fine with me writing about him, which I hadn’t yet done by the time Judge Fiedler made his decision. Since the decision came out, I checked in to make sure he wasn’t afraid to be quoted in light of the harsh decision.

Being the humble man that he is, Hershberger told me it was okay, “But I don’t want to be boastful. I only want to encourage the consumers and farmers.” He didn’t say it, but fear seems not to be part of his makeup. Continue reading

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Wisconsin raw milk dairy policy drives artisan cheesemaker to move elsewhere

The following excerpt is from Kimberly Hartke’s blog, where it’s titled “My Farewell Speech to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:

Farmer Scott Trautman with cheesemaker Bill Anderson. Photo via Kimberly Hartke's blog.

“My name is Bill Anderson.  I am 25 years old.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin, and have lived here for my entire life.  Though I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, I just completed the entire Wisconsin cheese maker licensing program, and passed the final exam yesterday.  I should also mention that my mother grew up on a diversified family-run dairy farm in central Wisconsin. Continue reading

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Civil disobedience over raw milk — latest on the DATCP Wisconsin front

The conflict between raw milk farmers and consumers on the one-hand, and DATCP regulators on the other, seems to be intensifying in Wisconsin. Here’s the latest update from David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog:

“Vernon Hershberger, the Wisconsin dairyman who last week broke the seals placed on his raw dairy fridges and freezer by the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, this afternoon received a visit from two agency inspectors and a few sheriff’s deputies.

The agents requested a look at his store. He told them, no warrant, no look.

His expectation is that the agents will be back Wednesday or another day this week, this time armed with a search warrant. Continue reading


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Raw Milk — Max Kane risks prison by refusing to disclose who sells and who buys that “controlled substance”

Here’s an excerpt from the “before it’s news.com” edition of the Max Kane raw milk saga:

Max Kane has been under considerable legal pressure to reveal the names of suppliers and customers involved in his "Belle's Lunchbox" raw milk buying group in Wisonsin.

Max Kane has been charged with nothing. There is no case being prosecuted against him or anyone else for anything, not even for selling or buying raw milk. Yet, he has been ordered by the state of Wisconsin to inform on his friends. They want him to name people who sell or buy raw milk. He has refused, and for that, he’s been under threat of prison. Continue reading


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A tale of two American dairy farms

The latest reflections from America’s foremost raw milk journalist David E. Gumpert, from his The Complete Patient blog:

Feedlot dairy cattle in New England. Photo via Complete Patient blog

“….One thing that struck me, which was a little different than what impressed Kim Hartke, was how non-political Scott was in giving his one-hour or so farm tour. There was no belly-aching, as one might have expected, given that Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has come down so hard on him. No pot shots that would have been easy–“Here is the milk parlor DATCP has such problems with. Does it look like a problem to you?” (For Scott’s description of his political challenges, see his blog.) Continue reading

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