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New regulations would allow farmers to deliver raw milk to customers in Massachusetts

Christine Legere, writing for the Boston Globe:

Two raw-milk farms south of Boston are among 27 statewide that stand to benefit from legislation that would allow farms to deliver the product directly to their customers.

The bill, filed last month, would loosen current state regulations that allow raw, or unpasteurized, milk to be sold only on farm property where the cows are kept — a restriction that can mean a long trip for a few glasses of milk for the consumer.

In addition to allowing for delivery, the bill would allow farmers to sell raw milk from farm stands they own or rent, even if the stand isn’t on the property where the cows are milked. Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Milk Man mythology

Hella D just posted this hilarious if raunchy little video, complete with the following exegesis:

“Wow this video is just too funny! Beware the milkman–they are always so healthy and in shape from all the good raw milk they drink and hard work they do. I guess they just can’t help but be good and wholesomely sexy, with a strong libido to boot.

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