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Doctors on raw milk — YMMV

That’s right, your mileage may vary. Meaning that contrary to some people’s belief, not all doctors are agreed when it comes to the dangers and or benefits of raw milk. Although most North American doctors, to be sure, toe the party line.

Two doctors, two opinions. Left: Dr. Daniel H. Gervich, MD (click image for source) Right: Dr. Lindy Woodard of Pediatric Alternatives (via The Complete Patient blog)

I’ve heard from some raw milk drinkers that their doctor has refused to have them as a patient if they were going to insist on continuing with raw milk for their family.

Such a choice seems to be viewed by your typical doctor as something of a medical heresy, which can also be said for parents exercising their option of not vaccinating their children with the standard regimen of an ever increasing number of injections.

The following excerpt from a letter from a midwest American doctor is perhaps typical of the how the medical establishment views raw milk: Continue reading


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