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York Region Public Health will meet to discuss raw milk situation with Elisa and farmshare group at 10:30 am today

Michael Schmidt posted this brief note last night, along with a blurred out screenshot of the email it refers to:

Glencolton farm share members with their milk, a few weeks ago in Thornhill.

“Vito Chiefari has agreed to the meeting with Elisa and the group as requested Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 10:30am. We’ll report back as soon as we can! As per Vito’s confidentiality requirement we cannot show the text of his email.”

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Michael Schmidt’s seeking dialog with CFIA over the Shropshire sheep killings

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

CFIA investigators into the mysterious “Shropshire affair”, David Eagelson and Roger Weber at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt.

“Over nearly two decades of fighting for the right to access raw milk, Michael Schmidt has become legendary for his persistent promotion of dialog with reluctant regulators and politicians. He went on a hunger strike last fall that he ended after five weeks when his demand for a personal dialog with Ontario’s premier, Dalton McGuinty, was granted.

In recent days, he has undertaken a new, even more sensitive, dialog challenge. He is seeking to turn  an aggressive investigation into scrapie among a herd of rare Shropshire sheep into an opportunity for dialog designed to re-examine how farm animal illness is handled and how rare genetic strains might be protected.   Continue reading


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“From Acquittal to Responsibility”

Farmer Michael Schmidt reflects on the judge’s verdict:

Farmer Michael Schmidt with litigation director Karen Selick, of the Canadian Constitution Foundation

Dear Friends

I have been reflecting on the reality of the judge’s ruling. I like to note, that the importance of his ruling is NOT in the acquittal but in his reasoning for the acquittal. I was glued to his face, not because I was hoping for a positive ruling, but to hear, how he would acknowledge our 16 year long struggle for justice. Continue reading


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Talking with a California milk regulator

David E. Gumpert, with Mark, Christine, and Michael at the 2008 Weston A Price conference in San Francisco

David E. Gumpert, with Mark McAfee, Christine Chessen, and Michael Schmidt at the recent 2008 Weston A Price Foundation Wise Traditions in San Francisco. Mark McAfee runs Organic Patures raw dairy in California. Christine sends out the CREMA newsletter.The discussion David refers to below happened following this conference. Mark McAfee is one of the people whose comments on David's story we also quote here. Photo from Michael Schmidt, a raw milk farmer from Durham Ontario Canada.

These are some excerpts from a recent discussion on David E. Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog.

On David’s blog, the piece this first part is from is called:  A Food Regulator’s View of California’s Raw Milk Mess, Part 1: Coliform Standard Could Be Revised Upward Next Year, OPDC’s Regulatory Challenge

“… I went into the interview expecting a hard-headed ideological attitude, and instead found someone who was more flexible and sensitive than I expected, even if her conclusions were at odds with my own and those of many others who read this blog. She agreed to speak with me on the condition I not reveal her identity on this blog (even whether it really was a “she”). Continue reading

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Canadian Chef’s Congress asks Ontario Government to cease harassing Michael Schmidt and begin constructive dialog

In Support of Constructive Dialogue

On September 21and 22, 2008, Michael Stadtlaender hosted the first ever Canadian Chefs Congress at his farm in Singhampton Ontario.

400 of the best Canadian chefs, artisan food producers, wineries and breweries attended the two day event with the following mission:

The Canadian Chefs’ Congress connects chefs to our land in solidarity with farmers, fishers, gardeners, foragers and all artisanal food producers. Continue reading

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