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The raw milk issue in Ontario is no longer just about Michael Schmidt

In spite of the massive public profile Michael has gained over the past twenty years he has been advocating for raw milk and the freedom to choose it, the raw milk access issue in Ontario is much bigger than Michael Schmidt.

And The Bovine’s change of masthead picture reflects that reality. The young woman in the new cover picture is milking a cow in a jurisdiction where anyone can buy raw milk in a store, just like they would buy any other kind of milk. By the way, that’s in California, where Mark McAfee farms (though this picture is not from his farm).

Of course, the fact that this woman is clearly milking the cow by hand should be your first clue that this is not a commercial operation. Yes, this is taking place on a real farm which provides food (vegetables) for other people, but the cow and the milk are just for those who live on the farm and share in the work. Continue reading

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Raw milk freedom riders are riding to Chicago to take their challenge to FDA interstate prohibitions to the next level

From the Raw Milk Freedom Riders’ blog:

Raw milk freedom riders are taking it to the next level in Chicago.

You are invited to join the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, Food Freedom Advocates from around the country, local and national press and Maybe the FDA and law enforcement* at our next Freedom Ride coming to Chicago IL.

Who:      Raw Milk Freedom Riders and Speakers from around the U.S.

What:     100 gallons of Raw Milk and Cookies to be distributed in support of Food Freedom Continue reading

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Reading the Tetley “tea leaves”: Michael Schmidt acquitted for “selling” raw milk but convicted for “distributing” over the same incident, a compassionate gift!

Much ado about a compassionate gift of raw milk cheese -- This photo shows undercover inspector Susan Atherton, in the barn at Glencolton Farms. Photo was provided by the prosecution as part of their disclosure of evidence at the 2009 trial following on from the 2006 raid on Michael Schmidt's farm. Click image for a link to the post on the Bovine in which it first appeared.

From Justice Tetley’s decision, pages 55 and 56:

“[114] Having reviewed the trial record in relation to this issue and the justice’s rationale for his stated preference for the Respondent’s testimony I am unable to conclude that R. v. W. D. has been misapplied. The trial justice’s decision is entitled to deference on review. As a result the acquittal shall be affirmed with respect to the two s. 18 (2) sale offences arising from the purported gifts of cheese on August 22 and October 17, 2006. Continue reading


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