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Don’t “have a cow” over raw milk

An editorial from Philly.com

Quoting the initimable Bart Simpson. -- from the Simpsons, via the Interwebs

“About a year ago, after months of investigation complete with undercover purchases, a posse of federal agents made a predawn move on a Pennsylvania farm and discovered a sizable stash of pure, unadulterated . . . milk.

The government’s pursuit of Daniel Allgyer, an Amish dairy farmer in Lancaster County, continued last month with a federal complaint seeking to stop his hustling of unpasteurized milk, which has long been popular among the crunchy set but illegal to sell across state lines. A lawyer for some of Allgyer’s eager customers told The Inquirer, “He is being treated as if he were a drug lord.” Continue reading

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Passage of pro-raw-milk law in New Jersey legislature brings out opponents

Anti-raw-milk rants in the media tend to follow a bit of a formula. And this one, from the “Press of Atlantic City.com” is really not that special. Still it shows that where progress is made towards legalizing raw milk access, there will be reaction from factions that would trade off choice for what they purport to be safety. Here are a couple of excerpts:

“…But today, challenging long-held scientific truths is a way of life for many people. They reject vaccines. And, increasingly, they reject pasteurization, favoring unpasteurized, raw milk because of the supposed natural benefits of milk straight from the cow.

Periodically, these folks find a friend in Trenton who sponsors a bill that would end New Jersey’s decades-old ban on the sale or distribution of raw milk. Assemblyman Connie Wagner, D-Bergen, is the latest. And her measure to allow the sale of raw milk in New Jersey was approved by the Assembly last week in a … well, shocking 71-6-1 vote. Continue reading

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“My view: Raw milk is good for us”

Calvin P. Johnson, in a letter to the editor, published in the Free Press:

Author Calvin Johnson.

“My favorite dessert as a child was rich, thick, lumpy yellow cream, on top of chocolate cake. Nothing was better. Years later, I learned that I was actually eating colostrum.

My family drank raw milk, until I went to college. We never missed school due to illness. Two of my brothers had perfect attendance records. Due to a work accident, I missed one half day. I saw, firsthand, the benefits of raw milk. I also learned that you don’t drink sour milk. That’s the only litmus I need, to determine if milk is bad.

This letter is in response to your Our View editorial published Feb. 1 indicating your displeasure with proposed legislation allowing consumers to choose if they want to drink raw milk delivered to their house. Your position is misguided, for several reasons: Continue reading


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