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Rawsome-style food clubs proliferate because of partner conflict and public demand in wake of recent police raid

You couldn’t buy publicity like Rawsome has been getting since the raid. Although mainstream coverage has been mostly limited to the L.A. Times, Time magazine, and The Colbert Report, the story has been all over the blogosphere.

Business as usual at Rawsome Foods private club in Los Angeles. Pic: The Complete Patient.

And in spite of armed invasion by those purporting to represent “government”, the people who heard the story were not dissuaded from wanting the food. In fact now that they learned that there was such a place, where food could be obtained outside the regulatory stranglehold, they wanted in on the action. Continue reading

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Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund helps keep real food farmers like Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm farming

A War story from Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm:

Farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm

“Thursday, Sept. 2 Mark Gresge, owner/chef of L’etoile restaurantin Charlottesville, notified us that Pamela Burke, a Charlottesville City Health Inspector had been in and written up a critical hazard for using eggs from an “unapproved source.” Interestingly, and in totally aberrant behavior, she did not confiscate the eggs on the spot–probably oversight more than charity. Continue reading


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What passes for organic eggs in America

Here’s an excerpt from Augie’s latest post “Descrambling the eggs and it won’t be easy” on his “Journal of Natural Food and Healing” blog:

“I have wanted to comment on the egg situation the day after the half-billion recall. First, I wanted to say that these types of contaminated eggs are commonplace– the reason, in part, 1 in 4 Americans get a case of food-borne illness each year. It is similar to the leafy green problem–where the spinach and such are grown in concentrated human, industrial and hospital wastes–called biosolids out in the California Salad Bowl….” Continue reading

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Raine Saunders on why “local” is not necessarily good enough

Here’s a fascinating little story from Raine Saunders, who writes on the Agriculture Society blog:

Picture via Agriculture Society blog.

I’ve already written about food recalls a number of times, but the point about finding sustainable food is one that I find must be revisited often…because there are so many misconceptions going around about why simply avoiding one brand over another is not enough.

And I’ll also tell you why it’s really important to know your farmer and what practices he or she uses to raise the chickens that lay the eggs you are going to eat. Continue reading

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Of factory farmed eggs, and raw milk

An excerpt from David E. Gumpert’s latest musings about current “food safety” paradoxes, in the land of the free:

Michael Hartmann's dairy operation, Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture photo, via The Complete Patient.

“….It will be interesting to see how the judge rules in this case. It raises a number of interesting issues. First, there’s the old bugaboo of food freedom. How free should consumers be to choose the foods of their choice? If consumers say they understand the risks associated with one food or another, should they be free to consume it? Continue reading

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Reflections on “The High Cost of Eggs”

From a post on Nicholas Kristof’s “On the Ground” blog, in The New York Times:

Eggs at the Portland Market. Photo via Kimberly Hartke's blog, by Kthread on Flickr, CC license

“…As a kid who grew up on a farm and was very active in the FFA [Future Farmers of America], let me say right off the bat that the problem isn’t the typical farmers. It’s these industrial operations that turn farms into meat factories. For example, United Egg Producers (the egg lobby) says that there are now a dozen companies with more than 5 million laying hens. Those are to the family farm what Wal-Mart is to a Mom-and-Pop store. This kind of intensive concentration is also harmful for rural America, creating a kind of modern feudalism (small number of rich proprietors and large number of much poorer workers) that are the end of small town America….” Continue reading


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Food recalls — the end of real food?

Here’s an excerpt from Raine Saunders of the AgricultureSociety.com blog, on what the recent egg recalls may be a prelude to:

“For a long time I believed that with every food recall story in the media, we’d see more and more people start taking notice of what’s going on in the food system – that food produced in factory environments is harming our health because everything is completely backward and geared toward the reign of big food and corporate agriculture – and that sustainable agriculture would start to become the order of the day.

Food recalls are not doing the job they should – they are not waking people up fast enough. The more we continue to support big agriculture’s products by ignoring these problems, the more control will be given to entities (the government) and corporations (Big Pharma and Big Agriculture – companies like Tyson, Smithfield, Swift, and Cargill who control over 80 percent of the food sold in our country) to dictate the future of food growth, production, sales, and health (or lack thereof). Continue reading


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