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Science-based public policy being eroded in the Canada of 2013

From Carrie Saxifrage, in the Vancouver Observer:

Dr. Katie Gibbs, on Parliament Hill, speaking up for science. Photo via the Vancouver Observer

“Dr. Katie Gibbs has seen her colleagues at the University of Ottawa biology department realize that if anybody in Canada can stand up to the attacks on science, it’s the scientists themselves.

Last spring, as Dr. Gibbs finished up her PhD in conservation biology, the federal government passed Bill C-38, the omnibus legislation that weakened environmental laws such as the Fisheries Act. It also announced that it would cut funding to the Experimental Lakes Area, Canada’s huge contribution to world research on freshwater ecosystems.

These developments awoke the biology department to the need to speak up. They approached Dr. Gibbs, who they knew had attended some protests, and asked if she could help them organize something to bring attention to the devaluation of science by the federal government. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt WILL be allowed to introduce new evidence to counter the Province’s appeal of his acquittal

Michael Schmidt sends his thoughts on recent raw milk developments:

The Hartmann ruling in the US makes it once again very clear that we all will suffer if we cannot counter vicious Government attacks with due diligence.

Our standing in court becomes a farce under the current climate of anti germ fanatics. As much as I can see the point of liberty versus regulations, we are not living in a vacuum independent from the rest of the world. Our standing in court will always be judged by our concerns, our diligence, our openness and our willingness to co-operate IF the other side is willing to work with us. Continue reading


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