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Criminal code exemptions for online gambling, so why not for raw milk?

From Enzio Di Matteo in NowToronto.com

Photo illustration via NowToronto

“All the noise around a Toronto casino has served to distract attention from OLG’s efforts to get into the arguably even more lucrative online gaming biz. A request for proposals was issued in February 2012.

Online gaming is technically illegal in Canada, but exemptions can be granted under the Criminal Code. BC, Quebec and provinces on the East Coast run their own sites. An estimated $1 billion is spent on online gaming in Canada, about half of that from Ontario. Potential revenues from the international market look like salvation for casino operators losing money hand over fist. Some, among them major players vying for a Toronto casino (here’s looking at you, Caesars), are betting heavily on the recent legalization of online gambling in New Jersey (yes, home of the money-losing Atlantic City casino strip) to save their bottom line. Continue reading

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Practical Farmers of Ontario seeking an increase in the exemption limit (now 300 chickens) for small growers

From a PFO news release, Sept. 2012:

The Practical Farmers of Ontario, has sent the Chicken Farmers of Ontario marketing board, a written request to increase the minimum number of meat chickens one farmer can raise annually in Ontario without quota.

With increasing demand for locally grown, local sourced food, many consumers are having great difficulty finding the local food they are looking for.

Currently Chicken farmers of Ontario, has a policy against advertising your government inspected roasting chickens, this only effects small farmers with 300 meat birds or less. The Practical Farmers of Ontario see this as a direct
attack on small farms ability to successfully produce goed quality sound food, as it greatly reduces their opportunities to seek out new customers. Continue reading


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Vermont legislature may revoke exemption for child vaccination

From the Alliance for Natural Health:

Picture via Alliance for Natural Health

“The philosophical exemption will likely be revoked if we don’t take action.

As we reported in March, a bill threatening a parent’s right to refuse vaccination for their child using a philosophical exemption was introduced in Vermont, and it could all be decided this week. Currently, Vermont is one of twenty states in the US that allow a philosophical, personal, or conscientious belief exemption to vaccination, though the pharmaceutical and medical trade association lobbies are mounting a campaign to persuade state legislators to strip philosophical or conscientious belief exemptions to vaccination from state public health laws. Continue reading

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