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Final report — Alice Jongerden concludes her 27 day raw milk fast

Alice Jongerden after her 27 day fast

Mother’s day was the last day of my fast. How could I turn down the special, – made with love – bowl of soup? After 27 days of milk, Real Milk, I thought it was time for a taste of something else. It was worth it. Although, interestingly enough, I am still loving the milk, and the way I feel when it is all I have, so I have decided I will continue to enjoy it most of the day, and slowly add other foods.

In the 4 weeks of my Real Milk Only fast I lost 16 lbs. People often would ask me why I was doing it…and for all the reasons I mentioned, the biggest reason was simply ‘because I choose to, and can’. Continue reading


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Alice Jongerden — milk fast day 16

Alice Jongerden, former agister of BC’s Chilliwack based “Home on the Range” cowshare, started on a raw milk “fast” a couple weeks ago. So how’s it going?

Alice Jongerden. photo by Shannon Mendes, Vanmag.com

For all of you who are wondering…yes I am still on my milk fast.   Whatever happened to blogging daily… Well, Day 16.  I am still feeling just as wonderful today, as I did at day 4.  I am enjoying the balanced energy I have.  No afternoon lags, yeah. 

I have had a few people mention to me that I could add coconut oil to lose weight quicker, so here are my thoughts on that.  First, I am all about Milk these days.  REAL MILK!  Fresh, raw, unpasturized, from our cows grazing in their natural habitat!  Milk is a perfect food.  Full and complete, if it is from a healthy cow, eating a healthy diet.  I am not taking any supplements. Continue reading

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What if you drank only lukewarm raw milk, and didn’t eat anything else?

Former Home on the Range agister, raw milk advocate, and speaker at the recent Vancouver conference “Fresh Milk, Food Politics”, Alice Jongerden, has decided to go on a milk fast. It seems that a milk fast is a diet in which you drink raw milk, but don’t eat anything. Simple enough. She’s been on the fast for a few days now, and sends this progress report to the Bovine:

Author Alice Jongerden, photo by Shannon Mendes, from Vanmag.com. Original caption  “Alice Jongerden’s Home on the Range Dairy raises its herd on the back 40 of a derelict farmhouse in Chilliwack. From there, the unpasteurized milk and other dairy products travel to depots around the Lower Mainland…” Click image to go to the October 2010 Vancouver magazine article about Alice’s backstory.

I recently read an article about a Raw Milk Fast, and was reminded of a conversation I had quite some time ago, from a lady who often enjoys her raw milk fast, her longest one being 45 days . I thought to myself…Yes, that is what I should do. A Raw Milk Fast!

Being constantly surrounded with raw milk joy and controversy, it seemed a logical step to take.

I love milk, but I seriously wondered if I could really enjoy having ONLY milk for a week or two or three. I wasn’t sure if I could even make it through one day.

In addition, usually I like my milk cold. But cold milk can be hard on digestion. So if I was going to start a milk fast, I knew that I had to get used to the idea of drinking lukewarm milk. Continue reading


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