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Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms, Cow Share Canada, at Feast of Fields

Feast of Fields is an annual event, organized by Organic Advocates, to showcase organic food culture in the Greater Toronto Area. Michael Schmidt’s raw milk blue bus was there as usual, along with representatives from Cow Share Canada. The weather was perfect for this year’s Feast of Fields, which took place yesterday at Cold Creek Conservation Area near Bolton Ontario:

A beautiful display table flanked by the latest incarnation of "the blue bus", at Feast of Fields.

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York Region health inspector demands entry to Michael Schmidt’s blue bus at Feast of Fields event Sunday Sept. 12th

It was deja vu all over again for the good folks from Glencolton Farms at yesterday’s Feast of Fields at Cold Creek Conservation Area near Nobleton Ontario. Here’s the story from Elisa and Michael Schmidt:

York Region health inspector Jody Hope at the blue bus last Sunday. Glencolton Farms photos.

“Now, you’re either on the bus or off the bus….” — Ken Kesey, via Tom Wolfe, in “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”.

York Region health inspector Jody Hope has been “off the bus” for four years now and last Sunday she wanted badly to get on. Continue reading


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Glencolton Farms’ raw milk a big hit at the Feast of Fields in Kleinburg Ontario

This just in from farmer Michael Schmidt:

Mother Natures perfect food was a big hit with visitors to Ontarios Feast of Fields festival!

Mother Nature's perfect food was a big hit with visitors to Ontario's Feast of Fields festival!

The Blue Bus and farm share members attended the 20th anniversary of Feast of Fields at the Kortright Center on Sunday. All of those tasting the wholesome milk could not believe the incredible taste of the milk. About 300 servings were handed out including lots of information. We received so much encouragement and gratitude for all our stand in the past and our courage to keep going. Many toasts with milk for a successful finale of our battle, which will hopefully come on January 21. 2010 in Newmarket. Continue reading

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