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Farmer Michael Schmidt Challenges Canada on Raw Milk Freedom Feb. 5

Via Kimberly Hartke, The Campaign for Real Milk

Michael Schmidt raises a glass of raw milk at a speaking engagement in the United States a few years back. Lately he’s been prohibited from traveling as a bail condition in the Shropshire sheepnapping case in which he was charged.

January 29, 2014 -Ontario, Canada–Embattled dairy farmer, Michael Schmidt, of Glencolton Farm, returns to court next week, in his decades-long struggle to legitimize his cow-boarding program. At the Ontario Court of Appeal hearing on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, Schmidt and his attorneys seek to overturn convictions involving the distribution and sale of raw milk.

Many supporters are expected to fill the courtroom at 130 Queen St. West, at 10:30 am [Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Ontario]. Continue reading


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20 Years of the Raw Milk Struggle — Michael Schmidt in Court Feb. 5, 2014

From Ontario raw milk farmer and food rights advocate Michael Schmidt:

Casting pearls of raw milk and cheese before swine – following police orders for destruction of raw milk products – from Michael Schmidt’s 1994 “Milk War”. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt.

In 1994 our adventure into the food rights battle started with a vengeance.

If I count right that means 20 years this February. Continue reading


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