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Fecal bacteria in soft drink machines?

Here’s an excerpt from a story in the New York daily news. This is relevant to the B.C. milk controversy in which the local health department has made a big fuss over finding small amounts of what they are calling fecal bacteria in raw milk from Home on the Range raw dairy near Chilliwack, B.C.. Lab results, however, show that bacterial levels in the milk samples tested were well below the level acceptable even in pasteurized milk. So here’s that story on soda fountain soft drinks:

Bacteria are found in places other than raw milk -- plastic tubing inside soda machines may provide a breeding ground for fecal bacteria, the author of a new study says. Photo Raedle/Getty

“Is it possible your self-serve soda could be flush with yucky bacteria?

You may want to consider ordering a bottled beverage rather than filling your own glass at a fast food restaurant: A study shows that drinks from soda foundation machines in restaurants and fast food establishments might actually harbor fecal bacteria, according to a study reported by ABCNews.com. Continue reading


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