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Why are so many people so stupid?


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Flouride added to children’s milk in 42 elementary schools, Sheffield, England

Here’s an excerpt from a report on the website of the Flouride Action Network. “Do you know what’s in your milk”, may become the question of the future. Although it’s been a widely accepted practice to flouridate drinking water, there are a growing number of people who question the practice for health reasons. Yet another reason to prefer “raw milk”.

A NEW strategy with the focus of preventing dental problems among children is be introduced in Sheffield. Dentists in the city, who are currently paid according to how much treatment they carry out, will be asked to sign a new contract that will encourage them to carry out more preventive work.

The changes are part of NHS Sheffield’s Dental Health Commissioning Strategy, which outlines how services should be run up to 2011.

Key changes will come into force in March next year, when the current three-year dental contract comes to end. Continue reading

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