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“Currently, there is no such thing as ‘food rights’.” — Richard Lerner

From Richard Lerner on the Metro West Daily News:

Seemingly reckless consumption of milk -- not sure if it is raw or not. Photo via Rebel Rebel Tumblr

“…Yes, the rhetoric around raw milk is heated. The reason that those involved in public health get so bent out of shape about raw milk is twofold: 1) It turns the clock back on science, on proven methods for reducing foodborne illness, and 2) due to the vociferous, combative nature of its proponents, we are required to spend time on a food item that is (fortunately) consumed by a minuscule portion of the population.

And yes, I have heard (ad nauseam) all of the arguments for raw milk, I am not going to respond to each one here. You can find them on the unedited comments section, and form your own responses. Some of them are so flimsy as to be embarrassing to their writers, and it is not my purpose to embarrass the ignorant. What I would like to do, instead, is respond to valid concerns about what public policy should be concerning food safety: Continue reading


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Raw emotions over raw milk in Boston

From Erica Noonan at Boston.com

Cindy Wood hands out treats to her charges in the milking barn at Framingham’s Eastleigh Farm, among the few area dairies that sell raw milk. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

“FRAMINGHAM — The customers come into Eastleigh Farm’s modest retail store with a purpose.

The product they seek, unpasteurized — or raw — milk, is both controversial and scarce. The nearest other places that sell it are at least 45 minutes away by car, at dairy farms in Foxborough, Andover, and West Bridgewater. Continue reading

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