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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on Bill C-36 and its threats to Canadians’ rights and freedoms

Michael Schmidt reminds us that threats to our rights exist not only in the United States (see the previous two posts about Bill S-510):

“I am following the current urgency by the Government to pass bill C 36.

This bill is once again is tabled under the pretext to protect you.

If this bill is passed, an “inspector” can TRESPASS, ENTER YOUR HOME at any time, even when you’re not home, and SEARCH AND SEIZE your PROPERTY for ownership or disposal in your house WITHOUT A COURT WARRANT! OR YOUR PERMISSION! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! and DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS!


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From Michael Schmidt to friends in B.C.

Ontario raw milk farmer Micheal Schmidt shares his thoughts and feelings regarding the latest action by B.C. regulators (see post below):

Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt

With a thankful heart and inner joy do I follow your worthwhile struggle You are providing the public with the amazing opportunity to see how you are standing up to authorities in order to continue the flow of real nourishment to children, to the elderly and those who are sick and those who cannot and do not want to digest the foods forced upon all of us against our will.

As stronger the attacks by the authorities will become as more you will realize how you garner strength and determination to stand up for  all our rights. Health Units across Canada use any means to spread information which is tainted and misleading as you know by now.

Be not afraid of these tactics. Keep exposing them and keep challenging them.

This is our body, and we have the responsibility to put into our body food we know, we feel and experience is best for us. Continue reading

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Bill 6-C headed for third reading in the Senate, due to be passed within days!

Here’s an excerpt from a story on an important issue of concern to Canadians, from Naturesistence.org. Given the response that consumer outrage was able to generate on the organic turkey front (see story below), I’d like to think that there’s still hope that a torrent of emails from concerned citizens might persuade Canada’s Senators to defeat this unconstitutional bill!



“…Bill C-6 is about to have its 3rd and final reading before being passed into law. In my 59 years as a once proud Canadian, this is the greatest sense of patriotic loss, I have ever experienced. With a sense of desperate urgency I an now busy sending emails to Canadian Senators and MP’s to try and halt this draconian legislation, which will end Canadian freedoms as once enjoyed by so many.

I appeal to Canuck’s on this website to consider investing 15 minutes in this cause. I am including an email I just sent out to friends and family with a pre-written letter to Canadian Senators and MP’s, and a ‘cut and paste’ list of all Senator and MP’s email addresses.

If you are hazy on Bill C-6, there is an older post entitled, “Attention All Canadians!! Please Read Very Important!!!!” that has videos by a Canadian Constitutional lawyer explaining the Bill and other info links… Continue reading


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Could H1N1 vaccine also be a delivery vehicle to “micro-chip” the population?

According to the story below, David Icke seems to think so. Thank you to the reader who sent in this story, which seems to be from one of David Icke’s email newsletters. This reader received it from someone else, who in turn received it from a third person who received it from a fourth person who I was unable to contact. Perhaps some other readers of the Bovine’s can shed light on the original source of these reports. The video below is of David Icke being interviewed for Project Camelot and is not directly related to this story.

“The main point of the mass vaccination is to implant nanotechnology microchips that will allow external manipulation of the body mentally, emotionally and physically – including the so-called ‘death chip’ that can be used to assassinate targeted people or cause mass extermination.

We are now seeing accumulating evidence that this is the prime reason for the engineered ‘pandemic’.Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, who has taken on the German medical establishment with his own approach called New German Medicine, tells of  an experience he had at a speaking event in Vienna, Austria. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt and the Crown submit final arguments in raw milk case under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Michael Schmidt’s raw milk case is in two parts (or three if you count the contempt charges). The part for which these final arguments apply is the part that is being argued under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Dinner and a movie July 18th, 2009 presented by Symphony in the Barn at Michael Schmidts Glencolton Farms near Durham Ontario.

Dinner and a movie July 18th, 2009 presented by Symphony in the Barn at Michael Schmidt's Glencolton Farms near Durham Ontario. The Silent Movie was accompanied by live chamber music.

Michael Schmidt’s final argument in the Charter case appears below (after the letter). These arguments were submitted on June 26th. The Crown’s final argument (submitted July 24th, 2009) can be found at this link. Michael will appear before Judge Kowarski on August 31, 2009, at which time a date will be selected on which the judge will render a verdict. I believe the final arguments in the other part of the case are yet to be submitted. 

And now here’s that final arguments from Michael Schmidt in the Charter case for raw milk:
Continue reading

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