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Michael Schmidt on CFRB today 2 pm

Yes, raw milk farmer and food rights advocate Michael Schmidt will be taking to the airwaves again this afternoon to spread the word to radio listeners in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Tune in to the show on CFRB at 1010 on the AM dial.

Michael Schmidt, Grey County farmer and ambassador to Canada for raw milk, raising a glass following sentencing last year outside the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket.

Michael will be talking about the current e-coli crisis and Galen Weston’s recent statement that farmers markets are going to kill somebody someday.

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Dogma triumphs over data in Canada’s food safety public relations bubble

From Doug Powell at Barfblog:

Image via Barfblog.

“Canada has the best health care system in the world.

And really clean water.

And really safe food.

And a lot of delusional people who apparently think repetition rather than data makes something true.

This week was particularly strong for some food safety nosestretchers in the wake of comments make by supermarket mogul Galen Weston Jr. that food at farmer’s markets were going to kill someone someday.

First up, Sylvain Charlebois, acting dean and professor at the University of Guelph’s College of Management and Economics, who wrote in a widely circulated op-ed that,

“The 2003 mad cow crisis in Canada was really the first major food safety-related event our country had experienced.” Continue reading

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Farmers markets at the front lines of food access, as Loblaws exec Galen Weston says they’ll kill people

A story today in the Toronto Star reports that at a recent food conference sponsored by Loblaws, Galen Weston said that while farmers markets are great, someday they’ll kill some people. Meanwhile, in Portland, Maine, farmers are going to be able to legally sell raw milk at the local farmers market without warning labels:

A farmers market in Portland Maine where you'll be able to buy raw milk without a warning label. The Portland Press Herald reports that city councilors Monday authorized dairy farmers to sell unpasteurized milk at Deering Oaks, above, and Portland's other farmers markets without having to explain the risks of consuming raw milk. Photo: Shawn Patrick Ouellette. Click for story.

First from Food Editor Jennifer Bain, in the Toronto Star:

“An off-the-cuff remark by Galen Weston at the Canadian Food Summit has enraged the farmers’ markets community and local food lovers.

“Farmers’ markets are great. . . ,” Weston said Tuesday during a speech to about 600 people at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, but added: “One day they’re going to kill some people though.” Continue reading


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