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Learning how to milk a goat

From Weed em and Reap:

Shouldn’t everybody know how to milk a goat. Photo via Weed em and Reap.

“Once upon a time there was a woman who bought a goat.

She was so excited to get FRESH milk every day!  She woke up early one morning, and with butterflies in her stomach she put her goat on the milking stand, poured some grain in the feeder, and started to tug. Nothing.  ”Hmmmm”, the woman thought.  She tugged and tugged.

After 30 minutes and approximately one teaspoon of milk later, the woman started to cry. Continue reading

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The best milk you’ve never had

From the Barre Monpelier Times Argus.com

Photo via Barre Montpelier Times Argus.

“On a sunny May Saturday — one which promised to be a good day at the market — I found myself instead walking down a forested path in Shrewsbury. I wanted to take a pointed look at what was not at the market or, more precisely, what was banned from the market. My quest took me to Tangled Roots Farm, and the path led me to an open pasture where goats happily grazed. Continue reading


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Cow (and goat) share tele-seminar from Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Farm-to-Consumer Foundation  Presents 

Special Open Forum Teleseminar  — Cow/Goat Shares 104

Thursday – June 16, 2010

Join us by phone from the convenience of your home!

Live in a different time zone?  Click here for Your Time.

1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern Continue reading

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Raw milk served from live goat in movie theatre featured in a TJFF commercial

One of a series of biblically-themed ads for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival features raw goat’s milk served super-fresh at a theatre concession stand:

Hilarious poster for the festival (not raw milk related): Continue reading

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Dairy goat herd for sale in Ontario

Gordon Watson sent us this:

Hello, If you know of anyone who is interested in this herd would you please pass along my contact information.

This herd is currently at components 5%.

240 fresh milking does

70 yearlings bred for August freshening Continue reading


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