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Urban goat keeping in San Francisco


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If, ands, and butts, of raising goats for raw milk — Jan Steinman’s transcript from last week’s radio interview

Photos and transcript from Raoul Bedi, in B.C.. By way of introduction, he says:

Farmer Jan Steinman "kidding "around with his pet goats. Raoul Bedi photo

My old friend Jan Steinman asked me to create a written transcript of his wonderful radio interview last week on “Grow Your Own Food” radio. Here it is. It has info on the upcoming rally at the BC provincial legislature as well.  Continue reading


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Milk and Cookies rally for food freedom in Victoria B.C., November 23rd, 2011

The following words and pictures are from the rally’s Facebook page:

Warning sign from the Facebook page.

Join us at the Victoria BC Legislature Buildings next Wednesday November 23rd, 2011 at 11.30 am to stand for our right to choose food from local farmers. Folks will be gathering across Canada that day to rally for food freedom.

It is legal for Canadians to purchase unpasteurized milk across the border from Washington State, and to bring it back to Canada to drink. But it is illegal to purchase raw milk, or even receive it as a gift, from a local Canadian farmer. What is wrong with this picture? Continue reading


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Herd share members bring their goats downtown to protest crackdown

From Jason Hoppin in the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Mali McGee and friends lead goats across the street from Wednesday's downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market where she proceeded to milk her Bonny Doon goats and pass out samples to protest the state's crackdown on dairy collectives. (DAN COYRO/SENTINEL)

“SANTA CRUZ – Boulder Creek resident Annette Mello, who had sworn off milk, tipped a cup of fresh, warm goat’s milk to her lips and took a drink.

Mello was part of a small group of people who gathered across from the downtown Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market Wednesday for an act of civil disobedience: drinking raw milk from an unlicensed Bonny Doon dairy. Five of the county’s estimated 20 dairy collectives, or “herd shares,” gathered to protest a series of cease-and-desist letters sent by state regulators to similar farms across the state. Continue reading

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Santa Cruz farmers stage milk-in today

From Brad Kava in the Santa Cruz Patch:

Bring your own goat! Photo via Santa Cruz Patch. Click image to go there.

“Last week Santa Cruz went to the dogs, with its new law giving canines rights to visit the boutique downtown.

This week it’s going to the goats, who will be milked near the downtown farmer’s market by a group of protesting farmers. The milk, unprocessed and untainted by the government, will be shared for free at 3 p.m., after a 2:30 p.m. parade of goats.

The protest stems from attempts by the California Food and Drug Administration to limit consumption of unprocessed milk by dairy collectives, those that share their food among shareholders. The CDFA says all dairies should be licensed to monitor public health issues. Continue reading

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University prof challenges California District Attorney prosecution of goat farmer over “license” requirements

From Kimberly Hartke on her “Hartke is Online” blog:

“Letter sent by college professor to California District Attorney, regarding goat share issue. Please note: this letter has been edited to disguise the identity of the author and recipient.

I have been following with horror the story of our Farm. I understand that you shut down the farm and its operations requiring owners to obtain a license granted by CDFA.  There are of course no health reasons to shut down the farm. There are no rational reasons either, no previous problems, no lawsuits, not even complaints about this farm. There is no research that can point to any threat either. As you know, no sale to the public occurs, only to share owners, thus there are no public health concerns either. Continue reading

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The Calgary [raw] goat milk seizure

From Cody, Tanya and Abigail Dahl, in the December update from “Journey of Health” email newsletter:

Header of the email newsletter from "Journey of Health" in Calgary

“I have a lot to say and a lot has happened this month. Most of you know that Alberta Health Services came into our store and seized Abigail’s raw milk. Cody was charged with assault charges for chasing after the health inspector in the parking lot trying to take back Abigail’s life force nutrient dense raw goat milk. Continue reading


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