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Cheese expert a fan of the raw milk kind

From Joe Bonwich, in St. Louis Today:

Cheese master Max McCalman. Photo via St. Louis Today.

“Renowned cheese expert Max McCalman will be in town this week to lead cheese tastings and sign books, but don’t be surprised if he slips in some evangelism for raw-milk cheeses.

“I feel very passionate about them, and I’ve studied them extensively,” McCalman says. “Raw-milk cheese has a great food-safety record. We can eat raw oysters and eat raw meat in this country if we want to, but not raw-milk cheese. There’s something wrong with that, especially since cheese hasn’t been implicated in as many food-poisoning issues as raw seafood, raw meat or even raw vegetables.” Continue reading

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What’s with the mania for meat?

Katrina Onstad from The Globe and Mail.com

“I’m not sure how it happened, but I now live in the Meat Unpacking District.

At the north end of my Toronto street are two sister restaurants, the Black Hoof and the recently-closed-but-soon-to-reopen Hoof Café. True to their names, the former is renowned for its “off-cut-centric” menu and pig-head tacos; the latter’s claim to fame was its “love letters,” envelopes of beef tongue and pork-belly pastrami. Walk east and there’s a porchetta sandwich shop. Further south is the home of the grass-fed gourmet burger, which isn’t far from the organic butcher shop. All this hacking and cleaving is greeted with long queues, critical accolades and rapturous testimony on Chowhound.

If I’m unnerved that my neighbourhood, once known for its park, is now known for flesh, it may be because I generally don’t eat things with eyes. This, by the way, does not mean that I am typing on a hemp keyboard with hands used mostly for pious finger pointing. In other words: Sometimes I eat fish. Continue reading

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Raw milk cheeses have unique appeal — but now FDA wants to change the rules

From Susan Salasky at the Detroit Free Press:

John and Erika Aylward, co-owners of the Boulevard Market in Tecumseh, sell cheeses made in their licensed creamery. Photo via Detroit Free Press

People who love raw milk cheeses and those who make them say what sets the cheeses apart is the distinctive flavors and the way they can change from season to season.

Whether the taste is tangy, sweet, grassy or creamy, aficionados say, it’s almost always memorable. Continue reading

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Looking deeper into the CDC data on raw milk cheese safety vs pasteurized

From David E. Gumpert at the Complete Patient blog:

“If you’ll remember, the data I had from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control covered 33 years 1973-2005. For subsequent years, I turned to the CDC’s online database, which goes up through 2008, or another three years. (Another, more accessible resource laying out a table of illnesses that includes cheese, and goes through 2007, is available here.)

If one of the FDA’s apologists had taken up my offer, they would have been able to play a little bit of “gotcha,” because there were more illnesses from raw milk cheese during those three years than in the entire 33 years before. Interestingly, there were also a comparable number of illnesses from pasteurized cheese.  Continue reading

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Losing her raw milk virginity…

Foodie Fatale (aka Jocelyn Ruggiero) writes about “Her First Time” drinking raw milk:

Photo of the author by Gwen Lis

I knew I was ready, but I was trepidatious.
“Be Careful!” my mother warned me.
I anticipated and fantasized about what it would feel like.
I waited; I wanted it to be right.
And then I did it.

It was a sensual pleasure that Skim Plus could never match.

Raw milk is a transgressive liquid. The media coverage of the June police raid of Rawsome Foods in Venice, California  intensified the raw milk debate that has grown over the last several years (see David Gumpert’s book The Raw Milk Revolution). But although I spent my pregnancy scrupulously avoiding raw milk, I never did encounter it. Continue reading

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So what else are we not allowed to eat?

Excerpted from a story on updatednews.ca:

“Just because it’s edible doesn’t mean it’s legal. There are some foods that federal and state governments ban or severely restrict because of health concerns, to preserve a species, or even in response to inhumane preparation methods. Check out some dishes and ingredients currently banned in the U.S., plus some recently made legal.

Unpasteurized Milk

Banned: Twenty-one states ban the sale of raw milk. Some states permit sale in stores, while others only allow sale direct from farms in small quantities.

Reason: Unpasteurized, or “raw,” milk was a household staple in U.S. homes before late-19th-century implementation of pasteurization techniques intended to make milk safer. Laws banning raw milk are meant to protect consumers from harmful bacteria, but proponents of raw milk argue that current standards in farm sanitation make the unpasteurized liquid safe to drink.


Banned: Importation of the raw fruit is banned in the U.S.

Reason: This pear-shaped fruit — the national fruit of Jamaica — contains edible flesh, but inedible black seeds. Those seeds contain toxins that can suppress the body’s ability to release an extra supply of glucose, plunging one’s blood sugar level and potentially leading to death.

Mangosteen Continue reading

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“Belle de Jersey” is an award-winning cheese from Quebec — and it’s made from raw milk (of course)

Sue Riedl writes up a new cheese from Quebec, said to be made from raw Jersey milk. Excerpted from The Globe and Mail.com:

"Belle de Jour" and "Belle de Jersey". Surely those who named this cheese can't have been unaware of this cultural resonance. Perhaps they'd like to imply that this raw milk cheese is a little bit naughty -- like the Catherine Deneuve character who worked as a prostitute during the day (in the movie), just for kicks. Sounds like clever marketing to me. Photo at right is from Susan Riedl's Globe and Mail article.

“Quebec’s Belle de Jersey cheese is named in honour of one of the Jersey cows whose milk is used in its production. Known as “Miss Personality” of the herd, Belle (the cow) has been a frequent award winner in agricultural competitions including the Royal Winter Fair. Following the fortune of its namesake, Belle de Jersey, a soft, washed-rind cheese made from raw Jersey milk, has already won silver at the 2009 International Jersey Cheese Awards and this year was thrust onto international palates when it was served as part of the Canadian cheese plate at the G20 summit. Impressive for a fromagerie that only began making cheese in 2007. Continue reading

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